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Brownie-In-A-Mug Mix


I wish I could remember where I found this recipe so I could credit it, but I lost it. I guess that’s the downfall of having a recipe that’s so easy to remember. 1/4 cup flour, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 2T. each of cocoa, oil, and milk. Mix together and zap it for a minute. Voila! You have a brownie!

This is not a good recipe to have bouncing around in a chocolate addict’s brain. Believe me.

It eventually occurred to me that it would be really handy to mix the dry ingredients together to have on hand in case someone should pop in for a visit. We’re trying to work on our hospitality here.

Yes, I’m sure that was my only motivation.

I mixed mine up in a canister that sits on the kitchen cupboard. It used to hold coffee, but since Gabriel no longer drinks coffee, the canister needed a new occupation. Unfortunately, this canister isn’t very conducive to labeling, so I wrote the instructions on a business card and tied it on with some twine.

Brownie-In-A-Mug Mix

2 cups flour (I used a gluten-free flour mix)
2 cups brown sugar (or raw sugar)
1 cup cocoa (more or less, depending on how dark you like your brownies)

Mix together well and store in an airtight container.

To make a brownie:

Mix together 2T. oil and 2T milk, water, or coffee with 1/2 cup of brownie mix in a mug or small dish. Microwave for one minute on high.

 I don’t usually use the microwave for anything other than heating water, but this is surely handy for impromptu desert-making… Not that that’s necessarily a good thing, though, right?

P.S. In case you were wonering why there’s a tube of toothpaste in the photo background, the answer is Garrett. It’s always Garrett.

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