8 Ways Exercise makes You Happier

There are so many amazing benefits to exercise but did you know that exercising regularly can actually make you a much happier person. That’s right, it has been scientifically proven that if you exercise regularly you will in turn be simply a more joyful and happy person in your everyday life. Today I am going to be sharing with you 8 amazing benefits of exercise and how these benefits will in fact make you a happier and more positive person in life!
Yes, exercise does make you look better, but it can also make you feel better! Check out these 8 great ways exercise makes you happier!
1. Releases Dopamine: It has been scientifically proven that as you work out, your brain actually releases the hormone dopamine which is a hormone that actually makes you feel happier. The more you workout, the happier you will be. It’s science. 
2. Relieves Stress: I know personally if I have a lot of stress just from everyday life built up, working out is a great way for me to relieve that stress. There is something about just running it out or working out hard on various machines. 
3. Helps with Sleep: Exercising for even just a short amount of time will actually help you to sleep better at night. That workout helps to rest your body and tire you out so that when you are ready to lay down and fall asleep, you don’t have any issues. 
4. Gives You Confidence: It’s inevitable that if you are working out your body will be in better shape and you will simply feel better about yourself. In turn, you will be much happier with the way you look and with yourself. 
5. Gives You Energy: As you exercise you actually get more energy for the day. It is very effective for you to work out in the mornings and get that boost of energy to get through the rest of the day. 

Beautiful young woman tying her shoes before going for a run at a track on a sunny day

6. Improves Memory: It has actually been proven that if you exercise often it can actually help to improve memory. Although it will not cure Alzheimers, it is said to help prevent it from happening with regular exercise. 
7. Increases Relaxation: A lot of people find exercise to be very therapeutic and relaxing. I am one of those people. When I am working out for that hour or however long it is like there is nothing that can stop me and I have no other cares in the world. It is an amazing form of therapy and I think that anyone can benefit from this. 
8. You are a Role Model: Becoming fit and working out a lot are not only great for you, but also for those around you.You can become a fitness role model for your friends and family. Inspire them to get healthy and fit along with you, plus it never hurts to have a gym buddy!
Exercise is so good for you no matter what size or shape you are. There are so many benefits to exercise that will simply make you a healthier, happier person. Check out some of these amazing benefits and you will see just how good exercise is for you.

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