Why You Need a Recipe Binder to Simplify Meal Planning


The beginning of a new year is always a great time to take a few minutes (or days) to reorganize and plan.

So, I’m doing a three part series on how to conquer dinner time by using meal planning to streamline and make life so much easier.

Why you need a recipes binder - this makes so much sense! A recipe binder saves you so much time and effort.

Our goal with this course is to help get you in charge and feeling like you’ve got it together by eliminating stress around meal times.  Meal planning will help you speed up dinner time.

Before we get started, click here to get my awesome printable meal planning binder. It’s life changing!

Watch the video below:

This is an important area of our homemaking, and it takes up a lot of our time, but the reality is, it doesn’t have to and in fact, it shouldn’t.   

There are only so many things you can be on top of at one time, so it’s key that we simplify and automate the things we can in order to keep our plates spinning.     

Alright, so lesson 1 – you’ve already seen it in the title, and it’s really simple.     

Why You Need a Recipe Binder 

We all have a big ol’ pile of cook books sitting on our shelves, and how many recipes do you use out of them? 5 out of this one, 2 out of another. Why?    

So Take all the recipes that you use, whether it’s typing them up from your cookbook, and printing them out, or actually tearing them out of your cookbook and laminating them, go find the recipes online that you use and print them out, then put them into one binder.     

Just one.     

Now, you’ve cleared the clutter that all those cookbooks, and condensed it into one place that’s organized so you can easily find your recipes, and make your meal plan.  Believe it or not, this is essential to making healthy meal plans.

No more trying to remember which cookbook your favorite meatball recipe was in, or getting lost down the Pinterest rabbit hole looking for a recipe you know you used before.     

I started doing this a while back when I found a banana bread recipe that I really liked, so I decided to use it again to make carbs to take with me on my long runs, and guess what? I couldn’t find the recipe!     

So I improvised that time, and it wasn’t until two or three batches later that I found the recipe I loved so much again, and when I did, you can bet I printed that sucker out.     

This is a frustration saver, and a time saver.    

recipe binder pages

Creating your own recipe binder is essential for being an organized mom who’s got it together.     

It’s not that you’ll never browse through a recipe book, or Pinterest. But that won’t be your routine for every meal anymore.

Instead, you’ll browse Pinterest for fun, to find new recipes to try, and to put the good ones in your recipe binder.     

Instead, when meal time comes, you’ll look at your meal plan to see what recipe you need, flip open to it in your recipe binder, and start cooking.     

Just like that.     

No stress. Zero.     

So if you do nothing else toward becoming the organized “mom in charge”, do this. Create a recipe binder.     

And I’ll be back here tomorrow for lesson two: How to simplify meal planning.

In the meantime, you can checkout our recipe AND meal planning binder by clicking the button below:

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