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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kleenex® & Cottonelle®. All opinions are 100% mine.

I know that last week I was complaining about the cold and how all I wanted to do was wrap myself up in a blanket with cookies, hot chocolate.. and books.

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This week couldn’t be more different. The weather has been gorgeous, and aside from spending as much time outside with the kids as I can, I’ve been working to try and get the house clean.

Well, more to get it organized, but that can be counted as cleaning, right? 

One of the big things I found out while I was organizing the bathroom and laundry room was how low we were on some of our household essentials. Yikes! If you know me, you know that I like to stock up, so this. is. not. good. 

Which leads me to… 

My favorite tip

Stock up at Sam’s Club/SamsClub.com

People always tell me about how they love to stock up on bulk household items at membership warehouses, and I’m always like, “That’s nice, but we’re over an hour away from the nearest Sam’s Club.” Why did it never occur to me to order from their website? Because I’m a silly goose, I guess. 

I think it’s important to stock up on daily essentials in bulk, so you’re not having to make emergency trips to the store all the time – especially during the early part of the year when we tend to have run low after the holidays. 

Image shows a Sam's Club box sitting on a table, with a large package of Kleenex sitting next to it.

My favorite purchase (thanks to impending allergy season)? Kleenex® Ultra 12-pack. As much as I’m in favor of frugality, I just can’t do cheap tissue. It tears up my nose. 😛 Kleenex is so much softer!

My second favorite thing isn’t so much for our house, but because we have some car travel coming up: Cottonelle® Fresh Care* Wipes, Because they make cleaning up post-snack stickiness a breeze!

Image shows a package of Kleenex tissue and Cottonelle fresh care wipes with text that reads "Stock up for the year with these club packs"


It was super nice to be able to order my beloved bulk stuff while sitting on the couch watching Shaun The Sheep with the kids. 

Some other ways to get “back in business for the new year” at Sam’s:

  • Stock up on snack items for the kids (nuts, snack mixes, chips, etc.)
  • Stock up on vitamins, supplements, and sports nutrition (protein supplements, etc.)
  • Stock up on bathroom essentials such as toilet tissue. 

Good Reads

I’m still working on my photography (as I mentioned last week), but I’m spending more of my reading time in the parenting genre this week. 

Go ahead and let your kids compare themselves to others. I love this article! I remember comparing myself to kids who seemed to have it all when I was a kid, and I know my kids will do the same.

Six Ways To Relieve Financial Stress. So many good tips – well, six to be exact. 😉 

Five Ways To Afford Music Lessons. I’ve tried to get Garrett interested in piano lessons, but he’s stuck on Violin. So I guess I’m looking for a violin teacher for him and a piano teacher for me, and this article is very helpful for knowing where to look on a budget. 

Exciting News

  • The kids and I are flying down to visit my two youngest siblings in a few weeks (yet another reason I’m trying to get stocked up – traveling gets me behind in a big way!). This is the first time I’ve ever bought a plane ticket, so I’m trying to figure out how to fly and how to fly with kids. 😛 And we’re all pretty excited since we haven’t seen them in over a year!   
  • I washed my car. I know, how silly is that?! But it’s kind of a big deal because Gabriel was using it to go out to the farm every day, which meant driving down three miles of really dusty dirt roads, and since I couldn’t very well wash it every day, I just gave up for a while. Then he quit using the car in favor of his truck, and glory, hallelujah, I HAVE A CLEAN CAR! 

Popular Facebook Post

This is by far the most popular thing I’ve posted in Facebook in a long time. 

Image shows a woman laying in bed under white blankets, with her eyes wide open.

I guess it goes to show that getting a good night’s sleep is pretty high on most adults’ priority lists. 

Favorite Meals and Recipes

Quesadillas. Not too long ago, Garrett asked for spaghetti at every meal – including breakfast. But now, he’s switched to quesadillas and falls back to spaghetti if/when I say no. LOL!

Banana Chocolate Chip Doughnuts. We LOVE these things. The kids inhale them as quickly as I let them – and I try not to eat too many – but you know how that goes!

Image shows a close up of mini baked gluten free chocolate chip banana doughnuts stacked on a white towel.

Protein Brownie Bites. I love my sweet stuff, but it’s hard to eat both healthy, and desserts at the same time. 😉 I found a recipe for protein powder brownie bites and adapted it to use my unflavored hemp protein – hopefully, you’ll see that recipe on the blog soon. They’re yummy!

Favorite Quotes from the Kids

“Mom, can you find us a bad guy so we can shoot him?” – Garrett (he’s in love with his Nerf gun)

“Mom, come look! We made a party for you, and it’s a diSASter!” -Garrett 

Life is never dull with that child. 😀 

Now it’s your turn: Tell me how your week went!

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