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Guys. It has been raining all week. It doesn’t rain very often in this part of Texas, but when it finally gets started, it just can’t seem to stop!

Of course, this doesn’t really cause problems for us, other than some mud and depending on what Gabe’s doing, pulling his truck out of it. 😛 And we’re very grateful when it does rain. 

But oh man, my Facebook feed is just filled with pictures of the flooding in east Texas and Louisiana. For those of you experiencing flood damage right now, just know that we’re praying for you!

Weekend wrap-up

Favorite Tip

Make scented tissue by opening your tissue box and dripping a few drops of essential oil onto the innermost flap. Close up the box and voila! You oil will diffuse throughout the tissue box. My favorites are spearmint and lavender.  (Idea from One Crazy House)

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So much truth in this! I’m one of those people that likes to rush from one task to the next, but I’m trying to hard to learn to slow down for the sake of the kids!

Recipes and meals we enjoyed


The grandfather of one of my relatives passed away about a week ago. I never met the man, but I’ve heard a lot about him over the years, and because of that, I had a lot of respect for him, so it made me sad when I heard the news. 

Then it kind of hit me when I thought about it, the only thing I know about this guy by the things his family says about him. Because of them, he had a spotless reputation, and it made me think about how important the things I say about my own family are. 

I hope I can give my husband as spotless a reputation. 

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