This Weekend Wrap-up is Just Full Of MomFails


Y’all. The #momfails are really piling up here.

I’ve been trying to devote Saturdays to family activities. It’s not that I don’t spend most of my weekdays with the kids, but there’s always an air of business, and structure of getting work done. So Saturdays and Sundays after church are devoted to just doing things with the kids.

Weekend of Mom Fails: Our weekend hike

It all sounds good in theory, but today, I decided to treat the kids to a little hiking trip. I was sure they’d love it, and it would turn into a nature hike of sorts where we looked at various bugs and vegetation, caught frogs by the pond, and just had a blast.

It was a miserable failure. Garrett loved it, but Hadassah cried the whole time (so emphasis on the miserable).

When we first left the road to hit a wooded trail, she whined “I don’t like the forest”, so of course, I wanted to put her mind at ease and asked why not.

“because I don’t”

“I get that, but why don’t you?”

“because no”

And with that, she started crying.

I couldn’t very well drive her home so Garrett and I could get a good hike, so we ended up cutting it short.

And Hadassah will definitely be staying home with daddy next time we go hiking.

But hopefully next weekend, we’ll come up with an activity that the three of us can all enjoy.

Or maybe I’ll just have another mom fail story for you. 😉

Book I’m Reading To The Kids

We’re still working on Turn Homeward Hannalee, but another book the kids have pulled off the shelf over, and over, and over this week is How to Make An Apple Pie and See The World.


It’s a fun and amusing book, and my kids have been able to impress people with their knowledge of kurundu tress because of it. 😉

Most precious thing I’ve ever seen

Seriously ya’ll. This video will make you cry. 


Personal Goal I’m working on

I actually have two of them.

1. Setting aside half an hour everyday to read. Not browse online, but to read an actual book. I just finished Anne Franks Diary (Definitive edition). Believe it or not, I’d never read it! I read a book about Anne Franks diary when was a teenager, but never the diary itself, so I picked it up at the library a few weeks ago to fill the gap in my education. The end made me angry. Every time I read about any war, but especially a story ending in someone dying because of it, and in the case, someone dying and being thrown namelessly into a mass grave, I have this inner shouting of “How dare they! What gives them the right to decide who lives or dies, or drag people into their war!” I will never be okay with men and women going to off to fight for politicians, to say nothing of civilian collateral damage.


But *ahem* I should probably get off my soapbox before I get myself into trouble. On to #2.

2. My other goal, as I mentioned, is dealing with physical fitness. Last week I mentioned that I was hoping to bring my front squat up to 50lbs, which I did easily. My knee is holding up well, but unfortunately, I also thought I’d be smart and do a few sets of back squats, and I’ve been paying for it ever since with re-aggravation of my upper back and neck injury.

My physical therapist warned me that this injury would be difficult to overcome, but I still can’t believe how sensitive it is! And sadly, I don’t see any heavy weight lifting of any kind, other than perhaps leg presses, in my future anytime soon. But such is life – I’ll live!

Favorite meals and recipes

You know I have to talk about food – because at least 50% of my life is about food!

Today we made a really delicious mushroom, onion, and beef gravy over mashed potatoes for lunch, though I didn’t get any pictures of it. Taters and gravy are among my favorite things, so I loved it – but Garrett hated it. He’s not fond of mashed potatoes, and doesn’t like mushrooms at all. What is wrong with that kid! But really, Gabe and I were happy that he left more for us to eat. 😉

I’ve really been enjoying spaghetti squash this week. So yummy mixed with tomatoes and pretty much any other Italian influenced seasonings.

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