Weekend Wrap-up with Jemima PuddleDuck


Is it just me, or is it hot out right now? I looked at the weather forecast and it’s not getting better either. 102º all week long.

But we’re praying that slight chance of rain turns into a bigger chance of rain.

This month, we’re focusing on getting a head start on school with Garrett, because I’m terrified of the homeschoolers’ curse of getting behind, but mostly because we’re going to Argentina for three weeks, and that will set us behind. 

I’ve worried about starting official homeschooling for the last two years, but so far, Garrett has loved My Father’s World kindergarten curriculum, and I’m learning to be chill, and not stress too much about the things he’s not good at yet.

What I’m loving this week

Instagram’s new stories! When Instagram first came on the scene, it was a fun place to share tidbits of life, and connect with friends. Then it became kind of uptight, and we were only suppose to post beautiful pictures.

But now there’s stories! It’s similar to Snapchat, but not as confusing to figure out at first, and a lot easier to find friends on, and you can post things that are going on day to day without messing up your feed.

What I’m Reading To The Kids

Jemima Puddle Duck

This is a little morality tale about a duck who wants to sit on her own eggs, but is so naive and air-headed that she nearly gets herself and her eggs eaten by a fox.

Best Books For Kids 

Gabriel and Garrett have had some interesting conversations while he puzzles out the story line.

Mouse and Mole

Mouse and Mole is a cute little story about two friends, who go on a mission to document birds together. At the end they realize that they each have different talents that compliment each other.

It’s a good reminder for me, as much as a good story for the kids, that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses – and that it’s a good thing!

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Favorite Meals and Recipe

Gluten and Dairy-Free Tortilla Pinwheels. 

tortilla pinwheel lunch plate

We made these today, and they’re so yummy!

Breakfast Pizza! This was the best! But I don’t recommend making it for actual breakfast, because cranky kids just waking up, and spreading crust onto a pan just don’t mix. 


Coconut flour chocolate chip cookies. They may need a little work, but these were still yummy!



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  1. Hello! Just found your blog this morning and am loving it! As a frugal, oily, gluten free, homeschooling momma i say Thank You! Have fun with My Father’s World. And I always find it good to concentrate on what the children are good at for now and the other will come in time 🙂

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