Weekend Wrap-up, and Why I’m So Excited Right Now


Exciting announcement! Hadassah has finally turned three. Yup.

She spent six weeks eagerly waiting for that day to come, and finally, it has.


We made cupcakes, unwrapped presents, and went to a nearby carnival for a few rides, which both kids adored, but dang it was expensive, plus a little nerve wracking, so we didn’t stay long.

I can’t believe my baby is three.

When Gabriel and I got married, we had big plans for having a large family, and my personal, very detailed and well thought out plan included two-year age gaps.

But you know what they say: Men make plans and God laughs.


Garrett and Hadassah are two years apart – two years and six weeks exactly – which got us off to a perfect start in child spacing after having trouble carrying a pregnancy past the first trimester during the first year of trying to have a baby.

And now, we wait. And while sometimes I think “awww, I really want to have another baby”, mostly I’m just really happy that we’re not experiencing miscarriages anymore.

Best Article I Read This Week

So you think you’re too fat to be photographed? I shared this on my Facebook page earlier this week, and it really seemed to hit a nerve – and for good reason! If you’re camera shy, go read it!

What I’m Excited About

I’ve always dreamed of traveling abroad, and for the last year-and-a-half, I’ve been saving money toward it. In fact, last year, I finally even got the kids passports. But still up until now, I never really thought it was going to happen. But guess what?


Yep, tickets are bought, and we’re locked in! I’m so excited!

Funny story though, when we went to buy the tickets, my debit card quit working, Gabe’s card wouldn’t work, and I couldn’t use Paypal because Paypal decided I needed to prove my social security number (actually, that’s been thing for a while, but it still lets me use my account for small purchases, so I didn’t know).

SO because most of my savings are attached to the debit card that quit working, and that account is in my home state rather than in Texas, I couldn’t buy the tickets until I got some money transferred.

I really thought all the road blocks were going to cause Gabe to back out and say the trip wasn’t meant to be, but instead, he called up his dad, who has a lot of experience buying international airline tickets, and long story short, We have tickets! And I need to write his dad a check. lol

So yeah, I’m beyond excited to see my frugal living, and taking odd jobs to put into savings pay off. Bring on the Argentine steak! (and wine, Gabe says we have to budget for wine. Am I the only one who doesn’t like wine?)

Shows I’m watching

Still watching Numb3rs. Pretty much every night after the kids go to bed I turn it on while I work on some mindless internet based tasks – mainly managing Pinterest accounts.

Food Network Star


Gabe recently started watching this one, and I’ve really been enjoying it. Not as much as Worst cooks in America, but it’s still fun to watch!


Recipes and meals we’ve been enjoying

We made Italian Zucchini Soup last Sunday, and it was delicious! Such a great way to use all that zucchini from your garden.


This Paleo Peach-Blueberry cobbler is my favorite, and I can’t wait to post the recipe here on the blog!


Happy Weekend!

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