Weekend Wrap-up: About homeschooling….


I use to think that homeschooling was a burden that moms bore out of conviction, or because they truly felt like there wasn’t a better schooling option in their area.

I didn’t think parents actually enjoyed it, and I certainly didn’t think that factored into their decision to homeschool.

At least, not until I got connected with a group of homeschooling moms on Facebook recently.

It was so weird, I started seeing threads by moms talking about how much more they loved homeschooling than traditional schooling. Could it be possible? I wanted to be encouraged, but I couldn’t believe it was true.

Then a friend of my husband’s wrote an article about how much he was looking forward to homeschooling his son, and several other friends commented on his Facebook post about how much they too loved homeschooling.


Clearly, I thought wrong.

But the question is, why did I think that?

Why was I under the impression for all of these years that homeschooling kids was nothing but stress and chaos?

Clearly, that’s what I had seen in homeschool groups as a child growing up, but looking back, I realize that that’s not the picture those moms meant to portray, but it is what I saw, intentional or not.


As a novice homeschooler myself, and one who often doubts my ability to homeschool, but has enjoyed the experience so far, here’s what I’ve realized:

Mom’s we need to be intentional about the message we send to other – especially younger – moms out there. When we’re in the thick of raising our kids, it’s hard to even think about how people perceive you, but it is important, because you’re influencing the people around you.

Who knows if you mention how much you love homeschooling, or or being a stay-at-home-mom, or having twins, or fifteen kids, you might just encourage somebody.

Favorite Tip Of The Week

Mix Bergamot, geranium, and orange essential oil together and diffuse for a mood booster. Yum!

Most Popular Facebook Post


Too true!

Most popular Blog Article

$20 a week

The $20 Grocery Budget That Really Works!

This article has been surprisingly controversial, but for us, it has been a huge budget saver!

Favorite Recipes And Meals

To be honest, I didn’t do a lot of cooking this week after Memorial day – we spent the week eating leftovers!

But we did observe #nationaldoughnutday with  grain-free chocolate covered cherry doughnuts!


Classic Potato Salad

This is one of the dishes we made for Memorial day. So Yum!

Horizontal 1 copy

Quotable Kids

Garrett: “Mom, it’s never a good thing that we don’t have and Ironman suite.”

Also, who knew washing the car windows was so much fun?


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