Weekend Wrap-up: Our First Camping Trip!


You might have noticed that we completely skipped last week’s weekend wrap-up, and that was because… we went camping! 


Actually, we went to east Texas for a family member’s wedding, and made a weekend camping trip out of it. That was a first for us – even though I bought our tent early last summer. So much fun! 

I’m definitely hopeful that we’ll get to do a lot more camping in the future. It’s cheap, but oh man, it’s hard to get away. Work right now seems to be never ending. Which is a good problem to have!

Good Reads

I honestly haven’t been reading very many books lately (so much for that resolution!), but I found a few websites that have been of particular interest to me, because while we like camping, Gabriel and I have a sort of fantasy of going full-time RV dwellers for a few years, and seeing the country that way. 

  • http://gorving.com. This is a big website with lots of interesting articles, but more importantly, they link to a lot of great articles on their facebok page – a must-follow if you’re interested in RVing! 
  • http://roadschooling.thefrugalnavywife.com/ so many great tips here bout RVing as a homeschooling family. She also has several articles about saving money, particularly on camp sites. 

Favorite Tip

Pack your car the night before a road trip!

I’m actually pretty adamant about this. It keeps packing up a bit more relaxed, and I can keep much better track of everything if I’m doing it by myself. 

Up until now though, I’ve packed everything but valuables the night before, then grabbed my purse, computer, and such as I walk out the door in the morning. But y’all, we were leaving for a wedding last weekend, and I forgot my camera. my camera! And didn’t remember it until we were 30 minutes down the road. So from now on, I’m thinking that going ahead and putting my electronics in the car and making sure to lock the doors is a better idea.

Most popular Facebook Post


I like the sound of that! 

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Favorite meals and recipes


I shared my favorite brunch/breakfast on Instagram this week, it’s so delicious! The kids prefer not to have spinach in theirs though. 


I also signed up with Simple Green Smoothies 30 smoothie challenge last week, and had my first green smoothie ever. We truly didn’t even taste the spinach, so I’m hoping this challenge with get my kids hooked on greens. 🙂 

Apple Pie Quesadillas

apple pie quesadillas

Garrett, my little sweet tooth, has asked to have these for lunch several times this week. I keep telling him that’s not the way it works – they’re dessert quesadillas. But I totally get it, because they’re YUMMY! 

This coming Monday, I’ll be sharing my new favorite super easy dinner recipe. Seriously, you just toss everything in a pan and throw it in the oven, so stay tuned!

Favorite quote from the kids

Dad, we’re having so much fun, and there isn’t even anyone else here! – Garrett, while roasting a marshmallow over the fire he helped daddy build. 

Our First Camping Trip


He’s such an extrovert, he didn’t even know he could have fun without a crowd of people around!

If you haven’t gone camping as a family yet, it’s definitely worth while! 

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