Weekend Wrap-Up – What a Fabulous Week!


Have you ever had one of those weeks where nothing major really happened – you know, you didn’t really go anywhere, or do anything noteworthy, but still, a series of little things made it a fabulous week?

That was this week for me.

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I mean, I went into Stephenville for some groceries, and that was literally it. But while I was there, I found a drink blender on sale at Big Lots. It’s admittedly cheap, but I will love it until the day it dies (or breaks) because it has made my life so. much. easier. Homemade mayo, green smoothies, you name it. So, so easy. It’s fabulous.

And then I put the blankets that have been cluttering the kids’ rooms all winter away until next fall. Ah, freedom. I can’t believe what an impact a few blankets made on how clean my house feels. that’s pretty fabulous too!

Also, I’ve been getting spinach out of my little garden pretty steadily for a few weeks now, and my lettuce is looking fiiiine. And that makes me feel fabulous.

But the icing on the cake? That would be my new camera lens that came in yesterday. Oh yessss! I’ve been working hard on my photography for a long time. If you think my photos are okay, then that is solid proof that a person can learn a skill that they have no talent for. You should see my pics from three years ago. *shudder*.


But from the time I got my camera, I’ve been told by every photographer I’ve ever talked to that my kit lens would hold me back. Well, my photo quality seemed fine to me, so I just put off ordering a good lens for a couple of years, but now, I’ve finally got the “nifty fifty”, and I’m so fabulously excited I can’t stand it!

Favorite Tip This Week


Blend your greens and liquids together before adding fruit. I’m doing the Simple Green Smoothies 30-day challenge this month, and that is definitely the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given for smoothie making. Since I got my new blender, I’ve been putting the fruit on the bottom greens on top and pouring the liquid over it. That way, when I turn it over to blend it, it gets the greens first. Voila! Putting the smooth in smoothie!

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Been there, Done that!

Favorite Meals and Recipes

Oh my, there were so many this week!

First, we made gluten-free graham crackers and – not to overuse the word but… They were fabulous! Just right for gluten-free s’mores with homemade marshmallows!

Image shows a hand holding a s'more made with homemade marshmallow

Then we made Tuna Casserole – a recipe that I hope to share this coming Thursday (I just gotta get those pics uploaded!). It was amazing. And what was cool? We used some wild-caught tuna. Mega healthy stuff there.  🙂

And this Easy Asian “dump” Casserole was the bomb! We had some leftovers the next day (it was a big casserole!), and it made from some fabulous rice bowls. Yum!


Most noteworthy quote from the kids

“Mom, can we sell Hadassah?”

I love how much my kids love each other. 😛 😛

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  1. You must live fairly close to the little town I grew up in. Lovely part of Texas with not much humidity. It’s been a couple of years since I went home. So glad to have found your blog, through LittleHouseLiving. God bless. 🙂

  2. I have a girl and a boy, now grown up. When they were little, the girl asked if we could sell the boy. For what, I asked. For meat, my daughter answered. Brutal!

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