Weekend Wrap-Up and 4th of July Festivities


Ah, the Fourth of July. That was fun! I love how the kids are getting old enough to have fun taking part in community events.

This year, we started off our celebration by going to the courthouse in my parents in-law’s county to read the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights with a surprisingly large group of people.

4th of July Festivities

The kids didn’t love that little activity, but the Koolaid and cookies served afterward sure got their attention. 😉

After that, we went home to change clothes and grab a snack and went to a celebration in our town. Now that was fun!

The kids rode down water slides, jumped in bounce houses, and raced through an obstacle course over, and over, and over again, we bought our first ever funnel cake – my brother keeps talking about how much he loves getting funnel cakes from food trucks, so we finally decided to try it (I know, I’m over 30 years old, and have never had a funnel cake), but to be honest, it was really greasy and we didn’t love it.


Maybe we’ll try again eventually and be more impressed.

Then we finished up by watching lawnmower – yes, lawnmower – races.

It was all so fun! So fun the kids completely crashed and we decided to cut our celebrating short and go home. We decided put our planned evening grill-out off to another day, and didn’t even watch fireworks, which I think is considered inexcusable in America.

So I guess the kids are old enough to have fun, but not that much fun.

Maybe next year.

Favorite tip of the week

Use peanut butter to work gum out of children’s hair. Does it work? I have no idea, but next time Hadassah gets ahold of my gum stash, I’ll probably try it before I resort to cutting her hair this time.

Show I’m binge watching



Interesting, mildly amusing, and kind of weird.

Maybe binge watching is a bit of a stretch, but I’ve been turning it on as I do my evening chores after the kids go to bed.

I’ll let you know how it ends in a couple years when I finish it. 😉

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Happy weekend!

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