7 Ways Buying Glasses Online Saves Money


According to Vision Impact Institute research 75% of people in the US have vision correction. Whoah. 

That’s potentially a lot of money spent on glasses every year, and I’m so thankful to glassesusa.com for reaching out and offering to sponsor this post to share with you all how you can buy glasses online to potentially save hundreds of dollars per pair! In fact, with them, a complete pair of glasses starts at $48 with lenses – and that’s before any coupon discounts are  added!

Find out how buying glasses online saves money. Amazing!

That alone is pretty convincing, but before you rush off to find your next pair of fabulous specs, check out these seven advantages that sweeten the pot!

7 Ways Buying Glasses Online Saves You Money

1. You can try glasses on virtually. You know how awkward it is to walk around the store with a salesman hovering behind you, trying to hurry up and pick a pair of glasses? (I don’t actually wear glasses personally, but having gone with several family members to look at glasses over the years, I know the feeling very well!) You don’t have any of that pressure when you’re sitting behind a computer – you can take all the time in the world to find the perfect pair!

2. You can get free lenses. Glassesusa.com for instance offers free basic prescription lenses with every frame! Whaaa?! That’s sounds pretty awesome to me! 

3. You Can Take Advantage of BOGOs. For those of you who like to have a separate pair of sunglasses, or just like to have a spare set, you don’t have to feel guilty about it!

how to save money on glasses

4. You can see the price upfront. When you go to the store, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a price on a pair of frames. But online, you can see the price upfront, which prevents you from falling in love with a pair of expensive frames that are outside of your budget.

5. You can take advantage of risk-free shopping. glassesusa.com offers free shipping and returns, plus free exchanges and price matching! In other words, there’s no way you’re going to overpay for glasses when you shop online!

6. Shopping online gives your the largest variety. A brick and mortar store is limited to what they can fit on the shelves, and what they can afford. Not so with a  web-based business! You can choose from any style you want, including fashion, sports, vintage style, business, and brand-name frames! 

7. Efficiency. Rather than going to a store, trying on and ordering glasses, then coming back to get them another day, ordering online saves you time and fuel (and stress if you have children to tow around with you). Plus you can do it when you have time – not merely when the store is open.

All these things stack up to some pretty incredible savings, and really takes the bite out of having to go and get a new pair of glasses.

Thanks again to glassesusa.com for sponsoring this article!

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