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The Ultimate List Of Grocery Money-Saving Tips


Of all the things we spend money on, I think groceries are one of the biggest recurring expenses, and they are by far the biggest recurring expense that we can massively cut back on.

Ultimate List Of Grocery Money-Saving Tips

I’m constantly amazed by how there are literally endless numbers of tips floating around on the internet for how to save money on groceries!

Why are grocery money-saving tips so important you ask?

Well, here’s one: by implementing just a few tips at a time, we’ve literally cut our grocery budget from $40 a week seven years ago, when we were just a couple, to now, having two kids, inflated prices, and keeping our budget roughly the same.

That leaves a lot more money left for us to do the things we love – like going camping, and putting the kids into extra curricular activities like tumbling and music lessons (well, tumbling at least – we’re still looking for a music teacher).

And let’s not forget, for splurging on $4.50 pints of dairy-free ice cream occasionally because I feel bad for my ice-cream loving, but dairy-free son. Yeeahh.

It’s called discretionary spending. 😉

This is a kind of long list, so brace yourself.

The Ultimate List Of Grocery Money-Saving Tips

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 This is a huge list of grocery money-saving tips. You're guaranteed to find some that work for you here!

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