Three Healthy Ways To Love Your Lips


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Burt’s Bees. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our lips take a lot of abuse. 

Think about it: We we wash hot and cold liquids over them, scrape our food on them, they’re exposed to the weather pollutants, and the list goes on and on. 

And yet, they don’t have their own oil or sweat glands to with which to cleanse or protect themselves.

But despite all this abuse, we often neglect our lips entirely! So naturally, I’ve been looking into natural ways to take care of and rejuvenate your lips. 

Because let’s be honest for a minute; none of us want to end up with thin, dry lips, right? 

5 All Natural Way To Love Your Lips

Three Healthy Ways To Love Your Lips

Step 1: Exfoliate

Once every week or two, with a nourishing lip scrub. You will be amazed by how soft your lips will feel after all the dead skin cells have been scrubbed away. Since you want to be careful to use a lip scrub made from edible ingredients – just in case it gets beyond you lips during scrubbing – your best bet is to make your own. Don’t worry! It’s super easy!

Step 2: Protect

Using a natural, nourishing lip balm every day will go a long way toward your lip health. I prefer to make my own so that I know exactly what I’m soaking into my skin, and so I can add some skin healthy, and nice smelling essential oil. One of the benefits of priming your lips with a balm is that the moisture soaks into your skin, making them fuller, and softening any lines. 

Step 3: Beautify!

There are many ladies who won’t leave home without lipstick – that’s how powerful a difference it can make in your appearance. For years though, I’ve not used lipstick because I don’t like to fill my skin with chemicals.

 That’s changing though, because Burt’s Bees is launching a new line of natural lipsticks, and I am so stinking excited! They’re Available at Target, but unfortunately our (semi) local Target doesn’t carry them yet, so I went to their website and ordered some. 

Three Healthy Ways To Love Your Lips

Why am I so excited? Because it’s 100% natural, and look. at. these. ingredients!

  • Raspberry Seed Oil improves skin elasticity.
  • Moringa oil is full of essential fatty acids and helps to soften and condition skin.
  • Vitamin E oil is an antioxidant, and helps fight wrinkles (among other skin health benefits!)
  • Beeswax is a great source of vitamin A, and help support cell turnover to help keep your skin looking amazing. 

Can it get any better than this?! It almost makes Step two unnecessary

There are 14 different shades. I’m not exactly a Pink or bright red kind of girl, and to be honest, my mom always use to pick my lipstick for me, back before I became aware of the chemical load I was putting into my skin and quit wearing it altogether, so I chose two colors –  Sunset Cruise, and Blush Basin – hoping that one of them would work with my coloring. 

natural lip care


The first thing I noticed when I opened them up was that they didn’t smell weird! The way lipstick smells is important to me, after all, it sits right under your nose! So that was a huge mark in Burt’s Bees Favor.

Secondly, I think both colors worked well, but my favorite (at least for now 😉 ) is Sunset Cruise. Kind of pink, but not TOO pink. Love. (You can see it in the completely unedited photo below)

3 ways to love your lips

The third thing is that it doesn’t dry my lips out! I’ve had even some of the more expensive brands of lipstick dry my lips out, so this is a HUGE bonus. 

All told, this is my favorite lipstick in a long line of lipsticks. And now that I’ve yammered on for 350 words(!), it’s your turn: What is your favorite way to take care of your lips and skin? 


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  1. I like the fact people are going green and resorting to creating cosmetic products that are 100% natural and healthy for our skin; one of which would be organic lipsticks. I don’t go out of the house without a lipstick on and I while I agree that most have chemicals to achieve the long-wearing effect and color that the market want, there are lipsticks to choose from that can still make you look glamorous and guilt-free. I need to see them for myself so I can try it on and buy one for my daily use!

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