Things We Loved In March


Every month, just for fun, I’ll be sharing a list of some of the things we’ve been loving recently. It could be books, or food, or appliances, or toys, or even clothing. :)

With spring (finally) here, it’s hard not to love, well, pretty much everything!

The leaves are coming out on the trees, the skies are blue, the weather is warm. It’s just lovely! We’ve been taking advantage of all this by going on lots of walks, playing at the park, and searching craiglist for a swingset. 🙂

We’re running really late on getting our garden going, but we are making progress – slowly but surely!

These are just a few of the things we love:

Umbrella Stroller

It folds up nice and small and fits right in your trunk with plenty of room for other things – and that’s exactly where I keep it. I can’t tell you how many times the umbrella stroller has been a life saver when we’re out and about! Whether it’s an unexpected walk through the downtown section of Stephenville, or Sunday church service (our kids sit with us during service, and Haddassah behaves much better in her own seat – if she’s strapped in!) It’s handy!

A yard full or flowers.

7 Things We Loved In March: A yard full of flowers

Yay for Spring! Our orchard is in full bloom, and so is the yard! Yeah, we don’t really grow grass, but I’m not complaining. 😉

Strong Curves

Gabriel surprised me with Strong Curves several months ago. I read it, and loved it – there’s a lot of nutrition and exercise methodology in there – but I never got around to faithfully applying the workout plans until several weeks ago. So far I love it! But given the impressive accomplishments of the author with his various clients, that’s not really a surprise is it? My only complaint is that he assumes you’re working out in a fully equipped gym, so I’ve had to do a few modifications to some of the exercises.

Beyond Pod App

I may be slow, but I do eventually get with the program, and I’m so excited that I finally realized that you don’t have to have iTunes to efficiently find and play podcasts! This is a very simple free app, and I love being able to listen to everything from health, to finance, to essential oil podcasts (yes, there are podcasts completely dedicated to essential oils!), while I’m folding laundry and washing dishes without having to hunt them down in my kindle’s slow, pathetic web browser.

Peanut Butter

7 Things We Loved In March: Peanut Butter

Spread it on apples, bananas, celery, or even pancakes. I’ve come to deeply appreciate the handy protein and fat peanut butter adds to make the kid’s snacks more filling. Even though I try not to eat too much of it myself, I have to admit it’s delicious!


If you’ve never had the opportunity to interact with pigs, you’re missing out! They rival dogs for personality and lovableness. I know, it’s hard to believe. We think of them so much as dirty farm animals, and yes, they get dirty but, well, so do my kids.

Peppermint Essential Oil

The one downside to spring is… pollen! Loads, and loads of pollen. Fortunately, I’ve found that a drop of peppermint essential oil is super effective for clearing sinus congestion. It may be an exaggeration to say that it saved my life, but it sure felt like it when I though my head was going to explode! (Sorry for the mental picture there…) Essential oils are amazing!

There's an Oil For That


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