Things We Loved In January


Every month, just for fun, I’ll be sharing a list of some of the things we’ve been loving recently. It could be books, or food, or appliances, or toys, or even clothing. :)

I’m really loving documenting the things we love throughout the month. It has really caused me to have to stop and reflect on… happy things, and think about how blessed we are. I highly recommend it! 

Animals of Maple Hill Farm

Haddassah has suddenly realized the magic of reading books. But mostly, she loves books with animal pictures, and this one, given to us by a dear friend, delights her to no end. I honestly don’t like reading this book (Gabe does though – we have two separate stashes of kid’s books – mommy books, and daddy books), but I do love going through this book with her and making all the animal noises. She has the cutest meow ever! 

Kindle Fire

I got this for Gabe’s birthday – but he didn’t end up liking it. Oops. My bad. Really, as tablets go, it performs like the $52 device it is, BUT, it is great for reading, we downloaded Spotify to it, and LOVE that, and, since we don’t have tv, I um, well, sometimes I use it and youtube as a baby sitter when I need a few moments to get something done. Did you know youtube has full episodes of Thomas And Friends and Winnie The Pooh? Good stuff.

Bicycle Trailer

Gabriel’s aunt loaned us a bike utility trailer she isn’t using. He hauls it to the grocery store every morning to pick up the produce. We’ve also let the kids take a few rides in it (shh, don’t tell!), and they love it! Which or course means that I want to get a trailer that’s actually meant for kids. I love the idea of family bike rides! 

Collapsible Laundry Baskets

In this house, I have to haul laundry across the house to wash it – and then back across to get out the door to the clothesline, and these baskets with their little cloth handles are super handy. I like the sturdiness of the regular baskets better, but these are easier to get through doors with.

It cost a dollar at the (you guessed it) Dollar Store, so I’m sure not as sturdy and the one in the picture, but it looks exactly the same.

Honey-butter Popcorn

honey butter popcorn

Yes, snack food was one of our most loved things this month. It’s very simple – melt honey and butter together, drizzle over a bowl of popcorn, add some salt and stir. I almost feel like introducing the kids to this treat was a mistake. Now, everyday it’s “mom, can we have HONEY POPCORN?!?!” “Mom, I’m Winnie the Pooh, and Winnie The Pooh likes HONEY POPCORN!” (Yes, he always shouts the HONEY POPCORN part). I try not to give in more than once… okay, twice a week.

Chair-top high chair.

6 Things We Loved In January

I originally decided to go with chair-top instead of a free-standing high chair because our kitchen – and entire house – was small, and high chairs take up a lot of room. Now that we have a large kitchen though, I’ve still found the ability to pick it up and carry it wherever I want, stick it in the trunk whenever we go somewhere, or fold it up and put it out of the way, is too handy to give up.

Simple things, some of them, But they all make our lives easier (or yummier ;)).

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