Things I’m Thankful For In November


Usually, on the second weekend of the month, I post a list of things our family fell in love with during the month previous, but this month, with it being November, it seemed appropriate to go with things we’re thankful for this month instead.

Of course, we shouldn’t limit our thankfulness to one month of the year, and when we say we loved something, of course, we’re also thankful for it! But there’s also nothing wrong with setting aside a time to focus specifically on Thankfulness, so with that in mind, I’m really thankful for November. 🙂

Image shows a pile of pumpkins with a chalkboard that says "Hello November"

Anniversaries. Gabriel and I celebrated our seventh anniversary earlier this month, and Gabriel surprised me with an overnight trip down to the Texas Hill Country. We ate out, explored caves, and climbed towers. Maybe not the stereotypical romantic weekend, but that’s how we roll. 🙂

Image shows a man and woman standing in front of green trees

Fall. October was such a beautiful month – even if most of the fall foliage we saw was in the form of pictures from other states, we still enjoyed the cooling of the weather and the thought of fall.

The warm weather. as much as we do love fall, I’m really, really thankful that we haven’t had to turn our heat on yet. In fact, we still haven’t put our summer clothes away!

Sweet potatoes! We – and by “we” I really mean Gabriel – grew a small plot of sweet potatoes. There is nothing quite like organic, fresh-from-the-garden sweet potatoes. They’re so creamy and sweet!

DuoLingo. I really wasn’t convinced that a free smartphone app would be all that effective for learning a language, but so far, I love it!  I’ve managed to practice my Spanish every day, but one since downloading it to my iPod. While I probably wouldn’t rank it as highly as Pimsleur, it also doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Pecans. One of my favorite things about Central Texas is the prevalence of pecan trees. Every fall turns into a pecan foraging marathon. My husband loves pecans more than anyone I’ve ever met, so it’s perfect!

Our Little Homeschool Group. There isn’t an official homeschool co-op in our town (though there is one in the next town over which we plan to join next year… or maybe later this year), but every week, we local homeschoolers gather at the park to compare notes and let our kids play together. It’s a huge blessing for all of us, moms and kids both; I guess we all need socialization. 🙂

The ability to run. I’ve shifted my focus from “staying in shape” (mostly through weight training), to distance running. I have a love-hate relationship with running, but I’d really like to finally get a half marathon under my belt, and I’m very thankful for the ability to try. And speaking of running…

I’m thankful for good shoes. I found out the hard way a few years back that cheap shoes are not cool. Mine caused blisters after about two miles. Now I wear Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 9s. Even though, as triathlon-designed shoes, they have a lot of features that I don’t need, I love the gel soles and the general comfort.

What are you thankful for this November?

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