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Six Frugal, Time-Saving Appliances on eBay Deals


This post brought to you by eBay. The content and opinions expressed below are that of The Frugal Farm Wife.

Being frugal is a prime value in our household. It’s not because we want to deprive ourselves, or because we feel like living with less makes us better people. 

It’s because we want to be good stewards with what we have, AND because we want to live on less now, so we can invest the extra and have more later. 

It’s delayed gratification. 

Sometimes, ironically, it takes money to save money. 

6 Time-Saving Appliances

There are six home appliances, which you can read about here,  that we use on a daily, or near-daily basis in our family that cost a little bit up front, but have saved us more money that I can even add up over the long run. 

Part of this is because they save time, which makes cooking from scratch doable. Another part of the equation is that they save time (see a pattern there? 😉 ) which enables me do spend more time working on income-producing projects. Yet another part of the equation is that they make it easy to save money on other household chores. 

And frankly, the upfront cost has been more than reasonable thanks to eBay (thank you competitive marketplace!)


And it gets even better. Are you familiar with eBay Deals? I wasn’t until just a few days ago. I tend to think of eBay itself as being a deals site, so it never occurred to me that they would have have a section specifically for deals where you can save big on the things you need from the brands you love.

Any time you’re thinking about making a purchase – whether it’s a kitchen appliance, gardening tools, or even  a new bedspread – check out eBay Home & Garden Deals first. Why? Because it’s a competitive marketplace. Having so many people and businesses in one place, competing to get their stuff sold drives the price down. 

Do you shop on eBay?

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