Seven Ways To Show Kindness This Holiday Season


November is the month where we all count our blessings, and looks for reasons to be thankful. I love this practice! But wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all went beyond introspective thankfulness, and gave those around us more blessings to count and reasons to be thankful?

I believe that if our thankfulness is true, It will be born out by pouring blessings into the lives of the world around us.

One Bloggers List: 7 Ways To Show Kindness This Holiday Season

For many of us, it’s not that there’s a lack of willingness to show kindness, sometimes, we just haven’t trained our eyes to see the little things that can be done to put a smile on another person’s face, so let’s start with a little list, shall we?

Seven Ways To Show Kindness This Holiday Season

  1. Open doors for strangers. This doesn’t have to be a courtesy reserved for the elderly. Anytime you see someone with their hand full (or nearly full) or perhaps just entering or exiting the building behind you, stop and hold the door open. It’s a simple gesture, but one that is always appreciated.
  2. Make baked goods for your neighbors. I have yet to hear of neighbors who didn’t appreciate the thoughtfulness of gifts of homemade food. In a world of convenience, and prepackaged everything, homemade goodies are all too rare – and sure to be remembered!
  3. Visit your local nursing home. You may be surprised to know how lonely the elderly in nursing homes are, and how much many of them long to visit with the younger generations. It may take practice on your end to feel comfortable doing it, but believe me, they won’t mind! Most of them will be happy to sit down and talk your ear off, or play with your kids (or dog!).
  4. Leave a bigger tip when you eat out. I know we’re getting into the ways you can financially show kindness now, and those can be hard, but if you can swing it, a large tip could make all the difference in the world for someone’s Christmas.
  5. Take a hot meal to elderly or disabled folks in your community. This can mean the world to people who can’t cook for themselves! Check with your local senior citizens center to find needing folks in your area.
  6. Snow shovel/plow a neighbor’s driveway. I put this in here for you northern folks. 😉 The rest of us may have to settle for raking leaves or even mowing grass.
  7. Pay for the next car’s meal in at the drive-thru. I know, another money-based suggestion. Just think about all the smiles in the car behind you when they find out!

This is just a starter list, barely scratching the surface of the many acts of kindness that anyone can do to show the world around them that blessings bestow blessings, and kindness begets kindness. Once you open your eyes, it’s amazing how many opportunities present themselves to bestow kindness on others.

Besides showing kindness for kindness’ sake, don’t forget that there are always people watching you. For us parents, that primarily means our children. I don’t know about the rest of you, but that is a huge motivator for me. I hope my children grow up understanding the importance of bringing value to the world around them. I hope they understand that giving is more noble than receiving, and how better to learn that than seeing it modeled in their parents?

Before you go, share your thoughts! What are your favorites ways to show kindness to those around you?

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