Seven Reasons To Eradicate Clutter


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I have a confession to make. I have a tendency to “let things go”. Sure I keep the house itself reasonably clean, but outside is a different story. I feel like I just don’t have time for it. But lately I’ve become firmly convinced that this has to change and have come up with a list of seven reasons why.

Of course, all of these apply to inside the house as well as outside, and a few of them are maybe even exclusive to in-house clutter.

Seven Reasons to Eradicate Clutter

  • Clutter creates a haven for rodents – We’ve lost food to mice in the past even though our house itself isn’t cluttered, outside was a different story.
  • Clutter is also a haven for dust which can excite allergies, even leading to asthma.
  • If you spend five minutes/day looking for something, that’s 30 hours/year. What a waste of time!
  • If your pantry is cluttered and you don’t notice food go out of date, that costs $$$
  • Not being able to find that needle in the haystack when you need it means you have to buy a new needle.
  • Things get broken and, again, you have to replace them. It’s not hard to see how this hurts you pocket book.
  • Clutter creates a chaotic state of mind which means that your actions probably become less organized. This costs you time, which could have been spent on something more productive, and sometimes, it even directly costs you money.

And a bonus:

  • The cumulative effect of all these things is poor stewardship of the resources we’ve been entrusted with.

Obviously, I didn’t come up with all of that on my own. I’m not that smart .


I’ve read several books on the subject of cleaning and decluttering (in an effort to motivate myself), one of my favorites being a ninety-nine cent e-book called Declutter Your Life by michelle Steward. It’s easy to read and just full of great tips for conquering clutter as well as most of the reasons I just listed for why it should be done.

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