Seven Ways To Minimize The Heating Bill


With the onset of winter, everybody’s energy bill starts to skyrocket (As if you didn’t already know that) – unless you’re one of those fortunate families who uses wood heat.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that option right now, and with the weather turning ridiculously cold over the last few days (can we move to Ecuador please?!), I’ve been going over some of the various ways to minimize this enormous expense.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you to lower your thermostat.  Every one else has already covered that option and you can only lower it so much – especially if you have little kids toddling around the house who like to lose their socks and pull their sweat pants up above their knees. Oh wait, that’s just my kid? Anyhoo…

  • Close off unused rooms. For us, the second bathroom remains closed, as well as the extra bedrooms (I feel so profligate saying we have all these extra rooms). We store things, such as sewing Materials and canned goods in the bedrooms, but they certainly don’t need to stay warm.
  • Watch out for drafts. One of the most effective ways I’ve found for curing under-door drafts is a rolled up towel shoved up next to the door jam.
  • Use your curtains. When it starts getting cold out, closing the curtains can add some extra insulation to your windows. You’ll probably want to open them back up when the sun starts to hit them in the morning though!
  • Use flannel sheets. You’ll be amazed at how much warmer your bed feels!
  • Dress more warmly. It stands to reason that you should wear more clothes in the winter right?
  • Open the oven door when your done baking to let the heat escape into the house. I don’t know how much this will really help, but every penny counts, right?
  • Use ceiling fans if you have them. I’ve heard conflicting ideas on this one. Some say that it will make the air feel colder as its moving around, others say that it will blow the hot air down from the Ceiling back to where you actually need it. Knowing how much warmer the air next to the ceiling is in our house, I tend to side with the latter statement.

Our house has both electric, and propane heat. Last year we went with the electric thinking that we didn’t want the added expense of filling up the gigantic propane tank, but this year, we’ve been using the propane almost exclusively and are amazed with how much less it has cost us.

Happy heating!

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