Project Fit Pregnancy: Week 36


36 weeks. Hooray for making it to the last month!
When I opened my pregnancy app yesterday, I blinked and looked again when I saw the “28 days to go” header. Less than 30 days?! It seems unreal.

Project Fit Pregnancy: Weightlifting During Pregnancy

According to the midwife, this baby – who by the way still doesn’t have a name it “it’s” a boy – is in the perfect position.

I’ve always heard that its only the first baby who gets a massive cone head, but Given that number two has firmly planted himself head down, and I mean way down, this early, I have a feeling that Garrett won’t be the only baby with cone head newborn pictures to make us giggle.

One day last week, I decided to walk, pushing the stroller out to the mailbox. I usually don’t take long walks but hey, surely it couldn’t hurt anything, right?

Well, it did t really, except that I had a sore back for a few days, but goodness, I had no idea just much I’ve slowed down! It took over 45 minutes to walk the 2 miles there and back. I think Garrett was really getting bored with the stroller ride before t was all said and done.

Since then, well even before then really, I’ve mostly been using the bicycle for transportation around the farm.

It’s a lot of work bending over a burgeoning belly to peddle, and probably wouldn’t be possible if the baby hadn’t decided to drop out of my rib cage, but it sure is nice to have feel the breeze blowing by as we ride, and a lot faster too!

I only had two formal workouts last week, plus the two mile walk.


Goblet squat – 25lbs. 3×10
Sumo deadlift – 115lbs. 3×6
Push-ups – 3×10


Back squat – 45lbs. 3×5
Stiff-legged deadlift – 45lbs. 3×5

There’s a lot of folks reading this whom I know well in real life, so I hesitate to put all of the little personal details out there, but since this is a documentation of lifting and how it affects my pregnancy, it seems only right, so brace yourselves for a little TMI.

Last week, I lifted a few fairly heavy things. It wasn’t even body weight so I didn’t really think anything about it. Later that night however, I was startled to find blood in my urine. You know, it’s a little disconcerting to have pink urine, I don’t care who you are.

I talked to my midwife of course, and told her that I’d lifted some heavy stuff a few hours earlier. Her response (after poking me in the kidney area and asking “does that hurt… Does that hurt… Does this hurt?) was that bloody urine is a pretty common side affect of lifting this late in pregnancy.

I didn’t think to ask if I should stop lifting – probably because I’d already decided that.

I don’t mean to say that I’ll be paranoid about lifting too much, like say, if a piece of furniture needs to be moved or something, but I won’t be lifting anything near bodyweight in my formal workouts. It’s light weights for me from here on out. Grumble grumble (j/k).

I figure this is a good time to start working on stiff-legged deadlifts I think my hamstrings are under developed compared to my quads, so that oughtta help.

I’ll also certainly keep squatting. My squats won’t be heavily weighted, but here will definitely be squats.

As I’ve said before, I think squatting is a fundamental exercise for pelvic floor health, as well as over-all fitness. I didn’t come up with that idea on my own, you should check out nutritiousmovement.com to read the expert’s stuff.

One thing’s for sure; I don’t regret lifting during pregnancy At ALL. I tell everyone who I happen to talk to about fitness to start lifting before they get pregnant, and keep lifting after they get pregnant.

While my body fat percentage is probably a little higher than it was pre-pregnancy, so is my muscle density. Walking and swimming are hailed as the ideal pregnancy exercise, but Lifting weights has made it possible to cope with the stresses of pregnancy, keeping up with a toddler, and farm work.

The only thing walking ever did for me was give me an aching, aching back and pelvis, cause fatigue, and discouragement because I just couldn’t stay in shape. Instead, I got fat (sort of).

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