Project Fit Pregnancy: Week 31


Is it Tuesday again already?! Time flies when you’re having fun I guess. Or when you’re incredibly busy!

Project Fit Pregnancy: Measuring A Week Behind

Truth be told, I hope the time keeps flying like this. Not that I’m not enjoying this pregnancy to the extent that I can, and not that I don’t realize how difficult it may be to have both a toddler and a newborn, but nine weeks sure does seem like a long time to wait to finally get to meet our baby, and find out whether “it” is a he or she, and to hold him or her in our arms. And to chuckle at Garrett’s interactions with his new sibling. If they’re anything like being around his newest cousin, it could be amusing.

On to workouts. In a way, they were pretty wimpy last week. There’s only two workouts, and I only managed 3 sets of squats on the second one. I’m thinking seriously of switching from 5×5 to 3×5 because the former is really wearing me out! I did hit a new personal record of 120 pounds on the first set though.

Friday, on a whim, I decided to do some cleaning/reorganizing in our cabin preparatory to turning it into a farm-store kind of thingy. It ended up being a massive project in which I couldn’t leave well enough alone and moved a lot of furniture and feed/seed bags around (hooray for strength training!).

So, no workout Friday. Not a formal workout anyway.

Squat – 115lbs 5×5
Bench press – 70lbs 5×5

Squat – 120lbs 1×5 100lbs 2×5
Overhead press – 50lbs 5×5

I had a visit from my midwife late last week – how awesome is it that she makes house calls?!

First, she asked me if I was eating enough. Uh… Yeah. Gabriel commented that the only way I could pack in more calories was to start eating (more) junk food. Yes folks, I eat as much as my husband.

My weight gain is fine at 17 pounds up, but with Garrett, I’d gained at least 30 pounds at this point, so I guess that caused some concern. What can I say? I’m lifting weights yes, which is building muscle, which is burning calories, yadda, yadda, but it’s also keeping me in good enough shape that I’m also able to be a lot more active with this pregnancy – though I am noticing that pushing Garrett in his stroller up and down hills is really leaving me winded these days! Those things combined I guess, with eating mostly whole foods is keeping the weight down a bit. I still expect to balloon at any moment though!

She (the midwife) took measurements and listened to the heartbeat and was satisfied that everything was going well. She said at this rate, that she expects an average-sized baby. That’s good to know! No ten pounders for me please.

Also, I’m measuring a week behind. I asked her if she’d ever noticed that moms who measure behind schedule, tend to deliver late. She said no. There are a number of factors that could be causing a difference of one centimeter (which is the case with me), the baby’s position being the most likely culprit. If the mom is consistently more than one cm behind, it’s usually due to a miscalculated due date. I’d be shocked and lose all faith in fertility awareness methods if my due date is off.

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