Project Fit Pregnancy: Week 30


Project Fit Pregnancy: Squats And Presses While Pregnant

How was your week? Mine was mostly good, with a somewhat significant downer in that I put my upper back out Friday, which is why you only see two workouts this week – loading a weighted barbell on top of a misaligned spine isn’t such a great idea. Fortunately, I’m married to a massage therapist, and with his help, everything is now back where it’s supposed to be (I think).

Other than that, I felt like we had a pretty productive week. We got a beef back from The slaughter house, I made several batches if soap, and made a lot of progress with our fledgling dairy herd-share side business. That’s been fun.

So, the rundown for last week’s workouts was:

Squat –  105 lbs (5×5)
Bench press – 65 lbs (5×5)

Squat: 110 lbs (5×5)
Overhead press: 55 lbs (5×5)

Whew! I tell ya, that overhead press is tough! I’m not really sure what is considered “good” on that, so this may be laughable, but I think 55 pounds is about all I can do for 5 sets of 5. I guess we’ll find out later this week. Gulp (j/k)

So, last week I said I was going to add in some other exercises to replace the deadlifts and rows. Well, that didn’t happen (obviously). Mostly I guess because I’m lazy, but also partly because I’m not sure what to add. I want compound exercises rather than isolation moves (such as curls). Gabriel suggested shrugs to replace the rows.

This is going to sound hypocritical after all I’ve said about bulk not happening that easily, and not worrying about looks, but focusing on strength and health but… The last thing I want to do is build big traps, so I’m hesitant to try shrugs. On the other hand, strengthening the traps might do a world of good for when I’m holding the baby all the time. I still remember all the shoulder and neck tension that came with constantly holding Garrett. >shudder<

Yeah, maybe I should incorporate shrugs. Starting with 2 sets of five perhaps?

Oh, can I claim goat milking as an exercise? Grip strengthening, ya know?

I found a book at goodwill the other day called The Complete Book of Running for Women. Running seems simple enough, but so does everything at first brush, and since I’ve done a fair amount of running in the past – okay, a little bit of running, and hope to complete a half marathon in the future, I decided to buy it and get studied up. Should be interesting. Hey, if I can’t run right now, I can at least read about it, right?

I’ve argued against running in the past, and still do. Just so you know, nothing about that has changed. I think that if you’re going to choose an activity for the sole purpose of fitness, weight training is the way to go. There’s a bazilion reasons, some of which I’ve covered in the past, but there’s also just plain old determination to reach a long held goal. For me, that’s a half marathon.

Will it ever really happen with two kids in tow? Who knows. There’s no doubt that a set of weights out under the carport is more convenient than having to find someone who can watch the kids while I spend an hour or two running. Not to mention heavy lifting has much more practical application.

Wow, sounds like I’m working hard to talk myself out of it.

Check it out! Our baby is fully developed (albeit skinny )
Lets hope he/she is also up-side-down

In other news, I feel like the baby has taken over my entire abdomen. Seriously, if I bend over, I get what I think is the baby’s posterior stuck up under my ribs, meanwhile his/her head (I think) is poking into the opposite hip bone, and arms and legs are pretty much everywhere. Oh, and when the kiddo starts moving around, everyone in the room can see it. I’m sure it’s a little disconcerting to see someone’s stomach jump around like that. Now there’s an amusing thought.

Wow, this page filled up with rambling fast! Time for me to be off cutting and labeling soap.


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