Printable Soap Batch Labels


These printable soap batch labels will ensure you never forever when your batch was made, or what’s in it!

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I’m the worst for forgetting when I made a batch of soap and what kind of soap is in what box.

Is anybody else that disorganized?

Sure, it’s simple to write down on the calendar when a batch was made, but that doesn’t mean I’ll remember which batch is which down the road.

So, I finally sat down and created a solution, and if you’re a homemade soap maker, I think you may appreciate this too!

So what’s the solution?

These soap batch labels are super easy to print and fill out, then store with each batch of soap so you’ll know exactly when you made each batch – and therefore when it’s ready to use – plus other pertinent information such as what ingredients you used. 

This is incredibly important because while it may be easy to tell your oatmeal lavender soap from some of the others, the lemongrass looks just like the rosemary mint goat milk soap, and fall spice soap looks awfully similar to coffee soap. And yes, you should be able to tell by smelling; some scents might be a little harder to discern than others (such as mint varieties). 

Download your free soap batch label printables by filling out the form below.

Knowing what’s in your soap is also super important if you want to share it with people who may have allergies to some ingredients. Yes, this really happens! I used to put coconut oil in all my soap… until I met someone who was allergic to coconut. Now I make sure to have some coconut-free soap on hand I can share with her. 

These soap batch labels are such a simple thing, but they can really make a huge difference in your organization and make it simple for family members to know which bars of soap it’s okay to grab and which need to be left alone for a while.

Happy soaping!


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