Prepping For Baby: More Freezer Cooking and Room Prep


Early this week, I came down sick with some sort of stomach virus and wasn’t sure I’d be able to get normal chores done, to say nothing of the extra cooking and rearranging I wanted to do.

I simply cannot believe how in one day – one day – of being too sick to get out of bed much, the house can get so out of order. It has taken the rest of the week to get caught back up.

Not that I can complain too much. I suppose it wouldn’t have taken so long if I hadn’t been so determined to put more food in the freezer.

This week it was pizza and chicken-white bean enchiladas.

The pizza turned out to be kind of time consuming, and I only managed to get three meals worth done. You wanna know how quirky I am? I have a large toaster oven in the spare bedroom. I use it to bake in the Summer so it doesn’t heat up the kitchen, and that’s why it took so long to bake the pizzas. One at a time in the toaster oven. Two pizzas per meal. It was just so hot that day I couldn’t bring myself to turn on the “big” oven.

Also, some of the crusts ended up being frozen… naked, because I ran out of cheese. Oops. With a new goat around though, I should be able to make some mozzarella and fix that problem though.

The enchiladas were a new-to-me recipe. You would think that beef farmers would have beef coming out their ears. Not so. While we do have quite a bit of USDA inspected beef for sale directly to the customer, we’re almost completely out the state inspected variety for our own use. We joke that we can’t afford to eat the USDA inspection.

On the other hand, our neighbor apparently owed us some chicken that traded for last year, and delivered them about a week ago. That was a pretty awesome surprise! I’ve never had the opportunity to do a lot of freezer cooking with chicken, so I’m kind of excited!

Anyhoo, I made this big batch of enchiladas just assuming that we’d like them after looking at the ingredients. Gabriel and I liked them a lot, but Garrett wasn’t real impressed. Sorry buddy, you’re gonna have to put up with them at least seven more times.

So, we ended up with 10 more meals in the freezer. Next week, I’m hoping to make a bunch of chicken pot pie, and maybe some gumbo.

In other baby preparations, we moved the full sized bed out of Garrett’s soon-to-be room (you know, the guest room where the toaster oven resides), and the dresser is in the back of the truck waiting to be unloaded. Not as much as I had inteneded to get done, but hey, it’s proggress.

It ocurred to me recently, that waiting until after the baby is born to get my summer clothes out of storage would probably not be a good idea. So next week, aside from the freezer meals, I hope to get that done, and now that Garrett’s clothes are out of my dresser, I should have room for them.

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