Pinterest Projects: Cinnamon rolls, Edible Glitter, and Skinny Jeans


I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I look at all the awesome stuff on Pinterest, I wonder if there should be some sort of disclaimer in the description like “results pictured not typical” or something. you know, like all those 48 hour diet commercials.

I maybe I just think that because I’m challenged in most areas involving craftiness.

Well, here’s a few projects that have been sitting on my pin boards for a while, and I finally got them done.

Skinny Jean Makeover

A friend gave me this pair of skinny jeans and they were just too big. I’m talking about the kind of big that fall off if you’re not really careful. I was just about to pass them on to another friend when I found this article on how to tailor jeans by Painfully Hip. It’s actually pretty easy – even for people like me who were born without the sewing machine gene. Turn them inside out, pin them, sew them. I was really pleased with the results. You’ll probably never see me around town wearing this particular pair of jeans (skinnies + holes = no way), but given my lack of success finding well fitting jeans at thrift stores, I think this technique will come in handy again soon!

Gluten-Free Copy Cat Cinnabon Rolls

Can it really be? A recipe for delicious cinnamon rolls that would make even the best wheat flour baker jealous? Why yes, yes it can. I’ve made these rolls twice, and they turned out perfectly each time. And I do mean perfectly. You should try them. But then again, no you shouldn’t, you don’t want to become an addict.

Edible Glitter

Ah, now we come to the failure project. I saw these in my Pinterest news feed a bazillion times and decided to give them a try for a batch of cupcakes I was making for a baby shower. I looked up severl different variations, tried them. no luck. If I caught the sugar at just the right moment, some of it would be vaguely sparkly, while other parts would be melted, and still others wouldn’t be sparkly at all. Did I do something wrong? Maybe so. But you can see in the picture how it looked during nearly every stage, so I’m inclined to think this recipe isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Any advice?

I think those are basically the only three Pinterest projects I’ve done so far this year. What about you? Do you find projects from Pinterest live up to your expectations?

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