The One Where I Took The Kids To Seaworld and Forgot My Phone Charger (Weekend Wrap-up)


Have you ever planned something out so thoroughly that you were sure you couldn’t possibly make a mistake in its execution?

That was me this weekend.

Earlier this year, we bought Seaworld “Fun Cards”, which are basically season passes, but without any season pass perks like free parking or vendor discounts, for the whole family. The upside to these fun cards is that they cost only slightly more than a one-day pass.

Image shows two small children playing in a splash pad

We loved Seaworld so much the first time, and since Garrett was five this year, it was the last year he qualified for the free preschool fun card, so I wanted to make the most of it and decided to take them again this weekend.

I had everything planned to the last detail – as I usually do when I’m taking the kids out by myself – including exactly what we were going to take with us for lunch, what the kids were going to wear, and what shows we were going to see at Seaworld.  And I had whatever didn’t have to be refrigerated, packed up, and ready to go the night before we left.

Photo shows two small kids looking at penguins in an enclosure at Sea World

Everything but the phone charger and the loaf of bread we needed for lunch.

We ate tuna salad with a fork, and I did my best to make my half batter last through the day by not taking very many pictures, and we had an absolute blast despite the rain!

Photo shows a killer whale jumping in a pool at Sea World

We weren’t able to watch the killer whale or beluga whale shows the last time we went, and I was thrilled that we caught them this time. Those whales are just amazing! So pretty and talented! (but with that said, I’m glad they’ve stopped breeding them in captivity – it’s just not humane to keep such huge animals in such a confined space!)

Despite my battery-saving efforts, my battery was down to 1% by the time we left the park, and since I had to stop at Target on the way home, I held my breath and bought yet another lightning cord to add to our collection of too many already.

Image shows a woman with a small child on a whale ride

BTW, while I was in Target, I went by no less than five 30% sale racks with things on them that I wanted. so. bad.

And that’s why I never go to Target. It brings out my materialistic side, and it ain’t pretty. Nor is it good for our budget.

But seriously, why is everything there so pretty?

Something I’m Looking Forward To This Week

The Mom Conference. I feel like the kids are getting ahead of me, and half the time, I don’t know what I’m doing. I know that’s a very common feeling for us moms, and I also know that moms who’ve been there have a lot of great advice to give, so I can’t wait to tune in to this online conference next week and hear 20+ fantastic ladies’ lecture.

Image shows an ad for a free online Mom conference

One of my favorite speakers, Ruth Soukup, is giving a talk on decluttering your home, mind, and soul, and I can’t wait to hear it!

BTW, The Mom Conference is 100% free, and you can register here.

My Favorite Blog Post

A few weeks ago, Garrett came down with a bad cold, and we made these peppermint throat soothers for him. Not only did they work great for helping him get to sleep at night, but they also taste like candy – which is only a good thing if you can keep them out of reach of your kids, LOL!

Happy Weekend!

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