March Date Check In


At the beginning of the year, I told y’all that one of my big resolutions was to make a monthly date night with my husband, and to keep myself accountable, I’m sharing an update every month with what we did.

 I like to take a cheesy selfie (ussie?) any time Gabriel and I go somewhere alone.

Woohoo! We finally had a date night out! 

Gabriel and I attended our county’s annual EcoAg seminar, where Gabriel gave a short talk, and we enjoyed mingling with some of the other local growers/ecologically conscious folks.

Of course, we had to take Haddassah with us, but I still count it as a date night, because it’s not really possible to leave her behind yet. 

Garrett stayed home and took a bath, brushed my sister’s hair, used her as a road for his toy tractors… and who knows what else. 

Several days before the seminar, Gabriel surprised me by suggesting we go out on a sort of “family date” to Sonic for ice cream, and then to the Red Box for a movie to watch when we got home. So I guess you could say we had a date-and-a-half this month. For us, going out to town for without a solid need to is big (remember, we live in the boon docks), and I love it when Gabriel takes the lead and surprises us like that.

Structuring a day or night here and there for Gabriel and I to “get away” together has been more challenging that I thought it would be, but it’s been a really fun challenge, and I look forward to continuing it throughout the year. 

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