How To Save Money With Your Smart Phone


Full disclosure: I don’t have a smartphone. Not yet anyway. Hey, I’ve been called many things, but an early adopter was never one of them.

I do however have an iPod, and it can do almost any job an iPhone can do, especially now that some stores have free storewide WiFi.

And it’s amazing how much money you can save with just a few apps!

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How To save Money With Your Smart Phone

Price Match

Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner

How it works: Scan UPC product barcodes, QR Codes, Data Matrix or search for products to quickly find the lowest prices.

Amazon price checker

How it works: Amazon use to have a specific app just for price checking, but now it’s included in their full app.

This app is an all in one Amazon tool, but what’s important is that you can scan a barcode with your phone while you’re out shopping, to quickly decide whether you’d be money ahead to buy in store, or order through Amazon.

Earn Rebates


How it works:

  1. Link Your Store Loyalty Account
  2. Unlock Rebates
  3. Go Shopping
  4. Get cash deposited into your account.
  5. It’s that simple!

Saving Star

How it works: Earn cash back at the grocery store with nothing to clip or print. You can redeem grocery offers by linking them to your supermarket and drugstore loyalty cards or by submitting a picture of your receipt.

Use Mobile Coupons


How it works: No need to print coupons before you leave home.
No more digging through your purse or pockets to find the one you want to use.
Just show the coupon on your phone when you check out!


How it works: save any printed coupon to your mobile phone and now, find the best deal for any product with Scout, a new savings assistant exclusive to SnipSnap.

Grocery IQ

Build lists from Grocery IQ’s extensive product database using text, barcode, or voice search; sync and share lists with other devices and the GroceryiQ.com website; find related coupons and much more!

Other Cool Ways To Save Money


Find the cheapest gas prices near your, plus earn points good for entering daily drawings for free gas, by reporting gas prices in your area.

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