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How To Save Money On Groceries


A lot of advice that you find on the internet for saving money is related to grocery shopping – and with good reason!

We spend money over and over again on groceries. It’s something that can’t be helped, and yet, it’s no fun to watch all that hard earned money disappear week after week, never to be seen again.

So if we can keep our grocery bills to a minimum, and eat up less of our income, it can make a tremendous difference in the quality of our lives as it relates to our paychecks.

This article will save you so much money on groceries. Every trick in the book!

The first step in saving money on groceries is simply being aware of where our money goes. It’s amazing what a difference simply thinking before buying can make, and it’s why I feel like writing everything down is so important. It’s one simple trick that saves us hundreds of dollars every year.

But beyond simply being aware, there are endless ways you can tighten up the leaks in your budget, and save tremendous amounts of money on groceries!

Here are just a few of them, along with links to multiple articles expanding on each concept.

How To Save Money On Groceries

Use Coupons and coupon codes

I know. So boring! Pretty much every frugally-minded person has already thought of this one on their own. But what you may not know is just how many places you can find coupons! Check out this Ultimate Coupon Resource Guide to be amazed!

Find a super cheap shopping plan…

My favorite one is easily the $20 shopping plan (I might be biased 😉 ). It’s full of super cheap staples that you can take and tweak to your liking, and it has one main theme: just say no to expensive groceries!

Think about ditching the produce isle

What WUT?! Okay, I’m not talking about giving up salad (as a salad lover, that would be too sad), but for many of your favorite vegetables, you will be shocked by how much cheaper they are to buy from the frozen food isle. Yes, I’m serious! And cheap isn’t the only benefit, as you’ll see when you read this article: Why I Get Produce From The Freezer Isle.

Plan ahead

It’s only when you end up doing spur-of-the-moment cooking that you need to buy more expensive convenience-type foods. And what do I mean by convenience? Specifically canned beans. You can save so much money by switching to dry beans, it isn’t even funny. And with a little extra planning, you can even eat beans every day for a week – without getting bored!

Grind Your Own Flour

This is especially, unequivocally true for those of us on gluten-free diets. You can grind rice in place of buying rice flour for literally pennies on the dollar, and of course, rice isn’t the only flour you can grind! Two of my other favorites are millet and sorghum – so much flavor! Make sure you read the exact price breakdowns and benefits of grinding your own flour here.

Read these tip-loaded articles:

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13 Smart Ways To Save On Groceries These are, well, smart principles to keep in mind when you’re out shopping. And yes! They really do miracles for your budget!

35 Proven Ways To Save Money On Groceries This is a comprehensive article. Long, but worth the read!

29 Ways To Save hundreds On Groceries This article is full of helpful tips, including how to temporarily drop your grocery budget by using up what’s already in your pantry!

Top 20 Ways To Save Money On Groceries The focus on this article is taking advantage of your ability to plan ahead. It’s well worth your time!

20 Simple Ways To Save money On Groceries. So simple, and yet, so effective. You definitely need to be doing these things!

How To Save Money On Groceries Without Coupons. If you’re like me, and never seem to be able to fit couponing into your lifestyle, this article is for you! So many great tips here!

Learn Grocery Savings From An Expert!

Shannon from Growing Slower, has put together the Grocery Savings Made Simple eCourse which includes one on one support, and has helped over 1,200 people save an average of almost $1,800 per year!

The grocery Savings Made Simple e-course is inexpensive. I highly recommend looking into it, and you can read all the details here (affiliate link).

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  1. I am not sure if you and readers know that if one has Dx of celiac, you can take all gluten free food off your taxes. I have been doing it for years. Just let your tax person know.

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