How To Make Your Own Deodorant {{Guest Post}}


Hey all! I’m sharing how to make your own deodorant over on moneysavingmom.com today. If you’ve got a minute, click over and check it out

Learn how to make your own deodorant!

I remember the first time I bought deodorant after I got married. I found myself cringing as I shelled out dollars for a tube of the natural, aluminum-free variety, and then apologizing profusely to my husband for spending so much on a single tube of deodorant.

I need not have worried. We’re both cheapskates, but if anything, my husband is more health conscious than I am, so he had no problem spending a bit extra on the good stuff.

It was the last time I ever bought deodorant, though. When that bottle ran out, we tried using a deodorant stone for a while (with limited success), and then I stumbled across some homemade deodorant recipes online.

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