How To Make Time To Grind Your Own Flour



Well, grinding your own grain is a lot healthier, and cheaper, so it makes sense. If you’re like me though, the idea of adding yet another chore to the stack of things your already doing may cause rooms (or even the outdoors) to suddenly seem very small, shortness of breath, dizziness, and panic. 

It’s important to take things one bite at a time, and in the end, everybody comes up with their own system for making things work.

Here’s a few ideas to get started with:

Solution 1

Making grinding a weekly, or monthly chore

Here’s how I do it: Wait until my husband is available to watch the kids, grind a whole bunch of grain, and freeze most of it.

Part of the reason I do it this way is because I have a Blendtec Kitchen Mill , which I love! But because of it’s size, and maybe because of the way my house is set up, it’s not conducive to getting out and setting up every time I need a few cups of flour. It’s also fairly noisy, and I can’t get my 11 month-old to wear ear protection (yet).

Solution 2

Grind as you go. I have a friend who has a small grinder that’s really convenient for pulling out and grinding a few cups of flour at a time. When she steps into the kitchen to make pizza (or whatever) for dinner (for instance), the first thing she does is starts the flour grinding while she gathers up the other ingredients. It works beautifully! 

Solution 3

Make Grinding a Daily Chore. You could work this into your morning or evening chore routine. This would work especially well if you’re good at meal planning and know approximately how much flour you’ll need on a particular day. 

Since grinding flour is mostly a hands-off job you could do it as you sweep the kitchen floor or wash dishes to save time. Simply fill the grain hopper, and pick up your broom, or open the dishwasher, while keeping a loose eye on your machine. Grinding really doesn’t take that much time that way! 

Grinding flour is a chore that’s become so ingrained into my weekly routine, that I don’t even think about it anymore. in fact, these days it comes to me easier than remembering to drink my daily 8 glass allotment of water. (How is that even fair?)

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