How To Make Resolutions That You’ll Actually Stick To


Raise your hand if you’re making new resolutions this year. 

But why are they so hard to keep?! 

I believe it’s because we go about it all wrong. 

Do you have a hard time sticking to your resolutions? That's because you're doing it wrong! How To Make Resolutions That You'll Actually Stick To

Do these sound familiar? 

“I resolve to stop eating sugar”

“I resolve to move more eat less”

“I resolve to eat less junk food” 

But these are all negative resolutions

How about this instead: Resolve to add things instead of take them away.

“I resolve to eat more healthy food” and “I resolve to have more active fun” are positive resolutions that focus on adding good things to your life, without depriving you of things you enjoy. 

I’m not going to resolve to stop eating doughnuts, because I LOVE doughnuts, but I am resolving to eat more carrot sticks, and the natural result of that resolution is that I eat fewer sugary snacks.

So, the bottom line is, resolve to add good things into your life – not take them away!

Those are resolutions you can stick to.

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