How I Saved Big On Wedding Manicures This Summer


Which is why I’ve got two different patterns on my thumb and first finger. Just playing around!

I’m guessing most of y’all have heard of Konad. I hadn’t, but I live under a rock, so that’s different. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to afford to get my nails done professionally all summer long, so I did a little research (a.k.a googling) into home manicures – somthing I have never had success with in the past – and found nail stamping.

I ended up ordering a few stamping plates, polish, and stamper and scraper. Those things plus a bottle of Seche Vite top coat cost me a grand total of about $15, and boom! Now I have manicures for all of these ridiculous weddings. (As a grumpy old married person, I’m allowed to call weddings ridiculous, right?)

How To Save Big On Manicures

Last (I think) wedding of the summer is this weekend. I’m not in this wedding, so I don’t really need fancy nails. But I have the stuff, so I’ll probably do them up just because I can.

I admit that I may have driven my husband a little crazy with my new toys – er, nail stamping kit – when I first got them, but I can’t tell you how fun it is to be able to make pretty nails after years and years of being able to manage little more than a squiggly line.

Stamping is super easy, as you can see in this guide from the Konad website:

There are other brands of nail stamping products out there, many of which are cheaper than Konad, (just search something like “nail stamping kit” on amazon) but since Konad is the only one I’ve tried, they’re the ones I’m using in my examples.

As much fun as nail stamping is, it doesn’t do you any good if the paint gets marred right away, so more than anything, I’ve found that them most important ingredient in a manicure is the top coat. And the only topcoat I’ve found that works as advertised is Seche Vité.

If you buy nothing else, get Seche Vite! This stuff is amazing. Not only does it dry your nails fast, and add shine, it hardens and bonds with the under layer(s) to keep them from being marred during normal household chores. Before this stuff, I would do my nails, then run out to hang a load of laundry or milk a goat and my nails would immediately be ruined.

Do yourself a favor and don’t try to scrimp and think you’re saving money by not gettting a good topcoat, because you will regret it!


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