Homemade Spray Chalk


This is perfect for preschool-aged kids! It’s an age where drawing with chalk is still a little bit beyond them, but spraying? They can do that!

Homemade spray chalk is super easy to make, and the ingredients are already in your kitchen!

Image shows a child's hand holding a spray bottle of chalk with text that reads "Washable Spray Chalk"

Kids seem to have an innate drive to paint things, usually resulting in somebody’s craft paint, or worse, spray paint getting all over something it shouldn’t. Kind of like cutting their own hair – all kids do it.

I prefer to short circuit the process and give them their own paint, and boundaries on what they can spray. Hopefully, that takes the “forbidden fruit” appeal to craft paints away. Ha!

We don’t have sidewalk in front of our house, but fortunately, there’s a large cement pad down at the city park that’s perfect for spray chalk painting, and the kids loved it! Haddassah, who’s almost two, couldn’t figure out how to work the spray bottle trigger, found out that squeezing the bottle itself was almost just as effective. 🙂

Image shows two small children playing with homemade spray chalk in a spray bottle

The kids had a blast spraying over the other child’s respective colors. You know kids though – they’re never happy using their toys for what they were intended, and it wasn’t long before they were spraying each other.

I put a stop to it, for fear that since the food coloring I had used wasn’t specifically washable, it would stain their clothing despite how diluted it was.

No worries though! I’m still going to err on the safe side (I don’t want to be responsible for ruined clothes!), and recommend Tempura washable paints, but in our case, their clothes came out of the washer, and their skin came out of the bathtub without a stain in sight.

Image shows a small child's feet covered in spray chalk

And now, every day I get the same request: “Hey mom! Can we go down to the park and spray paint?

It’s a hard life these kids live, no?

The spray bottles cost a dollar each at Walmart, and of course, those can be used time and again, so that’s super cheap fun. The cornstarch and baking soda are the real cost factors, but even with those, this little activity costs mere pennies per bottle.

I continue to be amazed at how such simple, cheap activities can keep kids happily occupied for an hour or more!

Image shows a young child holding a spray bottle of chalk

Homemade Spray Chalk Recipe

Mix all ingredients in a mason jar.

Screw lid on tightly, and shake until combined.

Find something to spray!

If you take a break from painting, you’ll want to shake the mixture to recombine before you start spraying again.

Have fun!

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  1. I remember taking my little ones to the Chrysler Art Museum to view modern art. Once home, we loaded up super soakers with tempura paint and blasted paper mounted on the fence to make our own renditions of the modern art.

    I enjoy exploring art with different media. The chalk spray will be fun to try. 🙂

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