Homemade Sauerkraut Recipe

homemade sauerkraut with purple cabbage

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This tasty sauerkraut recipe is a perfect side dish for your next gathering.




  1. Wash cabbage and remove outer, dirty leaves, reserving a large piece of leaf for a “cover leaf”
  2. But into wedges and slice using the slicer attachment of your food processor, or slice thinly with your knife.
  3. Transfer to a large, clean bowl, and sprinkle with salt
  4. Stir salt in, using clean hands if necessary to squeeze or bruise the cabbage, encouraging it to “sweat” or release its juices
  5. Once the cabbage seems to be sweating, start packing it into your jar.
  6. Pack the cabbage as hard as you can so that by the time you reach the top, you can press the cabbage down under the juice that has been released.
  7. Stuff your reserved cover leaf down onto your packed cabbage to keep the shredded, salted cabbage down under that juice.
  8. Wipe down rim and sides of jar
  9. Fit with ring and lid, screwing ring down until it’s secure, but still loose to let gasses escape as cabbage ferments
  10. Let sit, undisturbed out of direct sunlight for 5-8 days. Check in on it every day to make sure it’s not bubbling over (if it does, there’s nothing you can/should really do other than clean up the mess), or rotting (in which case, you’ll want to throw it out – I haven’t had this happen very often, but occasionally it does).
  11. Near the end of the fermenting process, lift up the cover leaf, and take a bit of cabbage out with a clean fork to taste. If it tastes like sauerkraut, put the lid back on, and store in the refrigerator until ready for use.
  12. Enjoy!