Frugal Living Isn’t Always The Answer: How To Be a Money-Making Mom


Living frugally isn’t always the answer.

Yep, I said it!

See, you can employ all of the money-saving strategies you want, but the fact is, they won’t do you any good if you don’t have money coming in.

Saving money isn’t always the answer. Sometimes, you have to shift your focus to making money.

Image shows some coins and money on a table with text that reads "Why Frugal Living Isn't Always the Answer (How You Can Be a Money-Making Mom)"

Notice that I didn’t say stop living frugally, but simply shift your focus. Putting frugal living in the background. It’s a little blurry because you’re looking at something else, but it’s still there.

But if you’ve plugged all the holes in your bucket, and it’s still empty, you’ve got to find a way to fill it up.

You all know that a few years ago, my husband and I were going through some pretty tough times financially. Truth be told, we’d been on the skids pretty much ever since we married.

That’s why one day in 2011, I was desperately searching for a good way to make money from home and stumbled upon a series of articles on how to make money blogging. What?! I’d had a blog since ’07 because I wanted to be a writer, but then when family and friends started reading it, I chickened out and just started putting up weekly picture updates.

With this new information in mind, I decided to see if, indeed, I could increase the traffic to my blog.

When I reached 1,500 page views that month (yes, fifteen hundred – don’t laugh, this was before Pinterest), I decided that, sure enough, this would work, and I could make money blogging.

Image shows a woman's hands typing on the keyboard of a laptop computer

I’ve made a lot of mistakes and seriously chickened out and shied away from all controversy more often than not, but you know what?

You can make money blogging!  (I just feel like shouting that because even after four years, it’s still so exciting!)

But more importantly, with the internet as your friend, you can be a money-making mom doing any number of things. I have a friend who sews and sells custom historical dresses, a sister who sells crocheted bookmarks on Etsy, and another sister who is a virtual assistant to at least one blogger (*cough* that would be me).

Moms in the twenty-first century can make money and be stay-at-home moms. That’s pretty darn close to having your cake and eating it, too, if you ask me.

And here’s something you should know: Every mom can be a money-making mom, and that includes you.

I know you probably have doubts about whether you have any skills or talents. I know because I have yet to meet one woman who didn’t. Honestly? I don’t even feel like I have any skills, either. And I definitely don’t have any talents. I’m a blogger who feels like she’s terrible with words and should hire a ghostwriter if only I could convey my message by doing so.

Look, the point is we all have unique skills and talents. I love what Crystal says in her new book Money Making Mom:


I firmly believe that you have something that’s unique, that the world needs what you have to share, and that you – yes, you – can be a Money Making Mom!

I’ve chosen to share this article with you this weekend because right now, there are just a few days left to preorder Money Making Mom and take advantage of all the cool free bonuses that come with doing so.

This book will show you how to:

  • Expand your thinking to consider multiple money-making ideas
  • Expand your thinking to consider multiple money-making ideas
  • Dream big and set long-term financial goals
  • Forge an intentional path with clear priorities
  • Nurture your unique skills, talents, passions, and knowledge
  • Conquer the saboteurs of insecurity, fear, lack of time, and naysayers
  • Shift your perspective to live more generously for others
  • And much more!

The bonuses for those who preorder by November 2nd include:

✓Make Over Your Calendar: 7-Day Online Course—a comprehensive course to teach you how to simplify, streamline, and organize your daily schedule & to-do’s.

✓Crystal’s Top 10 Favorite Productivity Tools Tip Sheet—a printable PDF with links and information on my favorite tools for better time management.

✓An Exclusive Live Q&A Call—an invitation to join Crystal for a special exclusive Q&A call to ask any of your Money-Making Mom questions.

To get the bonuses, you can purchase the book here and then fill out this form no later that November 2! 

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  1. You are so right! Sometimes you have to find better ways to divvy up the pie, but sometimes you just have to make the pie bigger. I’m hoping to make money as my blog grows, too! It’s good to see another Mom who is making blogging work for her.

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