Adorable Crochet Baby Sandals Patterns You Can Make


Looking for crochet baby sandals patterns to make in your spare time this spring? We’ve got 10 of the most adorable patterns for you right here!

Looking for crochet baby sandals patterns to make in your spare time this spring? We've got 10 of the most adorable patterns for you right here!

I’ll admit it; I’m a sucker for cute baby clothes. Who isn’t? And while I may not be a very good seamstress, I can crochet. 

And when a friend or relative has a baby, what’s better than being able to combine our crochet skills with cute baby clothes? 

Why Crocheted Baby Sandals Patterns?

Because they’re unique, wearable, and still easy enough to make! While everyone may gift your friend an afghan, not everyone will give them cute, homemade sandals they can wear any and everywhere. 

Your handmade fashion will be on display everywhere. 

And secondly? Because it’s a gift mama will appreciate.

When I was young, I thought crocheting and gifting a baby afghan was the best things ever, but after I had my own children, I quickly realized that’s what everybody did. 

While I do treasure some of those special afghans, I also ended up with tubs full of gifted afghans I could neither use (there were too many), or give away. 

And then it hit me: crochet patterns aren’t limited to afghans! 

Sure, afghans are easy and fun to make, but I submit that unless you put as much work into them as you would a smaller, more intricate pattern, they’re not very memorable. 

I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes by saying all this, but truly, this has been my experience. 

Every new baby brings half a dozen new crocheted afghans, but who’s going to bring the adorable crocheted sandals for those adorable, chubby little baby feet to poke out of?

This mix of free, and affordable crochet baby sandals patterns is what you need to make that person you!

Pssst. If you’re new to crocheting, scroll to the video at the end of this post for a tutorial!

Baby Strap Flip-Flops

crocheted baby sandals pattern

Crocehet Baby Gladiator Sandals {Free Pattern!}

Simple Crocheted Baby Sandals with Flowers

pattern for crocheted baby sandals with flowers

Pattern for “Carefree” crocheted baby sandals

crochet pattern for adorable baby sandals

Gladiator-Style Baby Sandals Pattern

gladiator style crochet sandals for baby pattern

Baby Sandals with Bow Strap {Free Pattern!}

baby sandals with bow strap pattern

Crochet Summer Baby Sandals {Boy and Girl Version}

crocheted baby shoe sandal for boys or girls

Simple Crochet Baby Flip-Flops Pattern

crochet baby flip-flops pattern

Baby Beach Sandals Pattern

crocheted beach sandals pattern for baby

Can’t you just see chubby baby feet in these sandals already?!

Sometimes “frugal gifts” are viewed as shoddy, but there is nothing shoddy, and everything classy about these handmade baby sandal patterns.

These crocheted baby sandals patterns are perfect for working on in your spare time, to build up a small stockpile of handy affordable baby gifts that are actually really good!

If you’re new to crocheting:

  • Pick one of the patterns with “simple” or “easy” in the title.
  • google common crochet terms such as “half double’ and “back loop”
  • Watch some Youtube tutorials on Technique like the one below
  • Don’t be intimidated! Crocheting is really easy!

The key is to just start!

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