Small Children’s Classic Toys Gift Guide


Walk into the stores right now, and what’s the first thing you see? Toys! Lots of toys, just begging your kids to beg you to buy them!

Frankly, I’m a little disillusioned by the toys being offered. It’s not that I don’t think Olaf is cute; it’s just that I don’t want my kids to end up with toys that have such narrow imaginative potential.

I’ve found that they can keep themselves happier for a longer portion of time with more open-ended toys, and I love that! I love the imaginations they’re building with those toys!

What’s more, is that those toys will be just as good two, five, or twenty years from now as they are today. They’re classic, unlike toys modeled after today’s hot movies – those movies, and their toys, will fade in popularity eventually, leaving you with a pile of castaways to deal with. And, they tend to be sturdy little toys, adding to their ability to last through the years.

With that in mind, here is a list of classic toys that will be loved by your children – and their children!

Wooden ABC/123 blocks

Image shows a package of classic ABC, 123 blocksPre-school and Kindergarten aged kids will spend hours spelling things with these blocks! Younger children – like my three-year-old – find very creative uses for them. Stacking, loading in the toy dump truck, using them as imaginary tea party treats. The possibilities are endless!

Wooden Construction Blocks

Photo shows a tower made of classic primary colored blocksI remember clearly having a set of blocks almost exactly like this when we were little, and it was a favorite with both my siblings and me. Definitely lots of imaginative play possibilities! (Our favorite was building roads and bridges!)

Shape Sorting Cube

Image shows a wooden sorting block toy

Our little guy loves these! And it’s immensely helpful in teaching shapes, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. We even took our shape sorter with us on a recent (14-hour) drive, and it kept the little man busy for the longest time! Definitely a favorite toy!

DuplosImage shows a package of Duplo building blocks

My 3-year-old is just beginning to enjoy creating with Duplos. I’m sure I don’t need to explain the wonders of these gems of the toy world – the possibilities are endless! We’re slowly growing our Duplo collection, so these are definitely on my kid’s gift list!

Train TracksPhoto shows a wooden train set toyThese have been a favorite with our some from an early age, and as he gets older, he loves coming up with new train track designs. Definitely an imagination worker!

There are so many awesome toys out there! As much as I’d love to make a long list with all the toys, I think would be great; these are the six we have experience with and love the most.

Do your kids love classic toys?

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