Buying In Bulk… And Making It Pay


Weighing out the cheese. (The sewing machine in the background
was for an unrelated project. )

A few days ago, Gabriel and I were talking about my upcoming shopping trip to a restaurant supply store. I mentioned that cheese was much less expensive there… But only if it was purchased in bulk.

“So get some.” He replied. I explained to him that we, being cheese hounds (that means we like cheese a lot), would literally eat up the savings were I to do that.

That seems to be the most common detracting argument from buying things in bulk. Usually, the price is so much better, but then, more of it gets eaten or used, and you end up spending more money than if you’d just bought a little but.

For us, with most things this hasn’t been a problem, but with cheese, well, that’s a different story.

So we worked out a solution that I think could work with just about anything.

I went ahead and bought the cheese, and we divvied it up into zip-top baggies, each marked with the date on which it was permitted to be opened, and how long that particular bag was to last. Once one bag is empty, the next one may not be opened until the date on the package.

Cheese bags, labeled and ready to be filled

That should make us think twice before piling a bunch of cheese on our scrambled eggs!

As a bonus, I won’t be needing to buy cheese again until the end of summer – and hopefully by then we’ll have some of our own homemade cheese rolling in. (Hopefully, maybe?) Gabriel’s been talking all winter about trying his hand at becoming an artisan cheese maker as soon as our cow freshens, and I gotta say, his enthusiasm is catching.

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