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Baby Prep – One More Week?


Oh, was I supposed to be prepping for baby? Oops, I forgot.

Not really. But at the end of last week, I was so stressed, trying to get all these things done, like cleaning the house top to bottom so I could “relax once the baby came” and organizing everything, and getting meals in the freezer, and worrying about not being able to do everything I need to do after the baby’s born… it finally dawned on me that something had to give.

Saturday evening, I was so tired, I nearly crying trying to keep going, wracking my brain trying to figure out how to bring my energy level up (I decided on kefir by the way, a small glass of which I’ve been drinking every day since. ). That’s not a good way to welcome a baby into the world.

So, instead of listening to the sermon at church Sunday*, I spent most the time wrestling with myself, working on changing my attitude of one from “how am I gonna juggle all this”, to “the baby won’t be little for long, I need to slow down and prepare to enjoy him or her and Garrett”. I found that I was so wound up, that it actually took a couple days to relax and “let go”.

I struggled and prayed and whined and worried before finally ditching my goal and to-do list for the week in favor of just doing what I felt like, when I felt like it. So, no major cleaning this week, although I was happy to get some little jobs done like cleaning out the kitchen freezer, and getting the bugs out of overhead light fixtures (yuck!). Gabriel and I also did quite a bit of weeding out in the garden this week, which was nice.

Am I the only one who seems to fall into a rut of either pushing to do too much, or not doing anything at all? Balance. For some reason, that’s really hard to achieve.


On the freezer cooking front, you can probably guess that I didn’t get much done. That wasn’t so much because I was trying to take it easy as lack of inspiration. I’m out of ideas y’all! At least, I’m out of ideas for chicken and bean dishes.

The one dish I froze – white bean mock alfredo (recipe coming soon!) – wasn’t a complete meal, but it’s a great sauce for spaghetti or rice, and very filling. We ended up with enough for five meals in the freezer.

Next week I’m thinking about breaking out a few pounds of ground beef and making something with that… or maybe we’ll have a baby next week instead. I like that idea!

*I did hear enough of the sermon to know it was quite good.

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