A Few Favorite Things: August Edition


I gotta admit, when I helped Haddassah open her brithday present from aunt Rachel a few weeks ago, I suspsected that her gift buying mojo was getting weak.

Turns out Rachel knows what she’s doing though. That book turned out to be a favorite for both kids, and the inspiration for this post. 

So, without further ado, here’s a few things we’re enjoying a lot this month:


Poke-A-Dot Book

Who would have thought the kids would love poking at a book so much? Garrett and Haddassah took turns playing with it on our trip down to Texas last week, and it turned out to be the only toy that held Haddassah’s attention for more than a minute at a time. Hooray for that!

Melissa & Doug ABC Lacing Train

This is Garrett’s second favorite quiet-time (or trave) toy. He loves stringing the beads and playing games that he makes up with them. The only draw-back is that it ends up all. over. the car floor. Still worth having him entertained for so long though, and much easier to pick up than Cheerios (he threw a bunch of those all over the car too ).


econobum Cloth Diaper Cover


I only have one diaper cover that I use with a bunch of random prefolds (rather than buying Econobum brand inserts), and it’s a lifesaver! What’s great is that I can use this one cover multiple times in a row – just throw the insert into the diaper pail – so it really stretches my rather small stash. Awesome for when I mis-judge diaper washing time and run out of diapers!

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat

I wrote last week about how much I love this stuff. Worth every penny!

The Total Money Makeover

A friend of the family once had a bad personal experience with Dave Ramsey. As a result, I’ve never paid much attention to his stuff unti recently. I picked this book up at the library and LOVED it! Almost everything in The Total Money Makeover had me nodding my head, and honestly, the stuff he was saying didn’t sound much like the guy I’d heard about. Makes me wonder if it was all just a big misunderstanding. I hope so. In any case, I found this book to be encouraging and highly motivating, and heartily recommend it, as well as The Millionaire Next Door.

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