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A Boy, A Dog And A Frog Revisited


Quite a while ago, I wrote about some of Garrett’s favorite books, and why we liked them. As we’ve changed and grown over the last year or so, I felt like it was time to amend that list and tell y’all that those particular books are now off of our shelf – and why.

Disclaimer: the following are my opinions. I hold no judgment toward those who disagree with me, and hope that you will extend the same courtesy. 

When Garrett first found the Mercer Meyer Books, he was enamored, and I loved the tale they told of the adventurous little boy conquering his imaginary world with his little pets.

But… As A result of reading them 5+ times a day at the behest of my two-year-old, I began to notice subtle little character depictions that didn’t sit well with me.

A little girl, sticking out her tongue at her brother who’s getting in trouble for something that isn’t his fault.

The mother in the same scene, gleefully watching her son be banished to his room by the father.

The father, banishing his son with an air of “how dare you”.

A mother, in another book,  perturbed with her baby, who is scared and crying, for interrupting her reading of a fashion magazine.

The childish and self-centered depiction of mothers in general.

As Garrett gets older and more aware of these nuances, do I really want him learning to think of moms are childish, dads are stupid, and sisters are brats?

Maybe I’m being overly sensitive, but no, I don’t.

The thing is, that’s an attitude we fight every single day of our lives.

We each have a natural tendency to think our gender and age group is superior. There’s no need to encourage that.

I want to encourage my children to have respect for the people in their lives.

So, for the foreseeable future, A Boy, A Frog, And A Dog, and it’s companion books are off of our shelves.

Why should we read sub-par material when there are so many other options out there?

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