8 Ways To Save Money On Groceries


I don’t know about you, but I tend to get all fired up after finding ways to save money on groceries, and for a while, I apply them.

But then old habits creep back in, and it’s just so much easier not to think about it, ya know?

Motivation fades. It’s kind of like bathing. You have to keep taking baths in order to keep clean. In the same way, you have to keep finding ways to continuously motivate yourself, or you’ll lose your momentum.

That’s why I read (and write) a lot about grocery shopping.

It keeps me motivated.

It introduces me to new tips and strategies that I’d never thought of before (of which there seems to be an infinite supply!), allowing me to save even more money!

So I hope some of these will help motivate you and maybe introduce you to a few new ideas.

So outside of going extreme and trying the $20 shopping plan, these are my current favorite ways to save money on groceries:

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8 Ways To Save Money On Groceries

Buy Produce In the Freezer Isle. Veggies are so much cheaper and often much more healthy when they’re frozen!

Stock up after holidays. Turkey and canned pumpkin after Thanksgiving, chocolate after Valentine’s Day, hot dogs after summer holidays – you get the idea. This can save you so much – especially if you have a large freezer where you can stock up!

Forage. This may sound weird to some, but foraging can actually be a fun family activity. Blackberry picking as kids was a lot of fun! We also enjoyed watercress from a local creek when we lived in Tennessee, and even here in Texas, we have chickweed in our yard, and don’t forget the never-ending supply of prickly pear! (yes, it’s edible underneath the prickly part) There’s something in every area.

Try store brands. I’ve found that many store-brand varieties of canned or packaged food are just as good as big-name brands and so much cheaper. Branch out and try them!

Buy cheaper meat and cut it down yourself. Meat is so expensive! We stick entirely to the cheapest cuts we can find because, you know what? They taste just as good, and we do own a set of kitchen knives, so cutting them into our desired shape isn’t a problem. As an example, I found a roast on sale recently, but I really wanted steak, so we cut it. Problem solved! Also, if you’re okay with pork, we’ve found ground pork to be significantly cheaper than ground beef. Pork burgers FTW! Read our five favorite ways to save on meat.

Know what you use a lot of, and keep your eyes open. Even if you don’t need it right now, you’ll need it eventually, so stock up when you see a good sale! For instance, if I see ketchup on sale, I get it!

Take a calculator. Many stores have the price per ounce or unit displayed right on the sticker, but others don’t, and you need an easy way to decide which size is going to be the best deal. Back to the ketchup example, not long ago, I was shopping and was surprised to find that the price per ounce on the smaller bottle was actually cheaper than the larger bottle that we normally buy. Maybe grocery stores switch things up now and then to keep us on our toes! 😉

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Learn shopping strategies from the experts. Something that can be highly motivating is taking a class and getting to learn directly from an expert. Shannon from Growing Slower has put together the Grocery Savings Made Simple eCourse which includes one-on-one support and has helped over 1,200 people save an average of almost $1,800 per year!

The Grocery Savings Made Simple e-course is inexpensive. I highly recommend looking into it, and you can read all the details here (affiliate link).

There are endless ways to save money on groceries and really, pretty much anything else, but none of us will ever be able to implement all of them – and that’s okay! The trick is to pick the few that you can use most effectively for yourself and your family and not stress about the rest.

Do what you can with what you have.

What are your best tips for saving money on groceries?

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  1. Excellent tips! I do all of these except for the foraging. I simply don’t know where I’d do it around here, although there probably are places.

    One of the big ways that I save is by shopping at Aldi. Their products are excellent quality and much cheaper than a regular grocery store. Stocking up when things are on sale, like you mentioned, is another way that I save BIG!

  2. I also buy at Aldi; great products and great bargains. I found great tomato sauce in mason jars for fifty cents and bought all; took a year to use up. I also sterilized the glass jars and used them for canning jams. I also buy on sale and can; buy an All American Pressure Canner no gasket to break; the biggest that will fit your stove. I bought hamburger on sale last year with coupons on sale, 80 percent for less then a dollar a pound and raw packed; you can used for anything that needs ground meat. I also bought chicken breasts for 99 cents a pound and cut the breast off and raw packed them. Took the skins bones and meat left and made chicken corn soup and it is delicious to just open, heat and dinner is served. Also buy red meat and freeze then; pull out your slicer, and put it on the thinnest setting, and while frozen, chip the beef or pork for steak sandwiches. Put wax paper between each portion of meat for each sandwich. Pull from freeze your frozen green peppers with onions for each serving. Fast and quick. Next time; I am going to freeze hot peppers, onions, green and red peppers in cupcake tins and then use my zip locks with air removed for each sandwich. I also buy oranges, lemons, limes dry for ice tea ; or grind and use in cooking recipes. I save all citrus skins; dry and use my coffee grinder and make a powder and use with tea; cookies and icings. This is what vitamin C tablets were made out of. Potassium used to be made from the white inner skin of bananas; dried and powdered. You can buy ripe banana really cheap and make banana bread in mason jars and when you pull from oven and put the top on and ring; you will find it seals. These will hold on a shelf for up to two years. These are great for shipping overseas for our service men. they just love this cake. The recipe is on You Tube; also raw pack is explained there too. Hope this helped someone. You can do the same with spice cake; stay away from icing cakes they don’t store well. I also shop at flea markets for everything and find great deals at the end of day for fresh food markets. Last year I found banana boxes full of apples for five dollars and made jam, juice, pie filling,apple sauce,apple butter, and in syrup for cakes,pancakes, muffins,and breads. The sugar syrup is great with dried apples to make a quick pie; or hot or cold tea. Enjoy shopping and finding those treasures.

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