5 Ways We Saved Money In July


After a month where it seemed like all I did was spend, spend, spend, it’s nice to sit down and reflect a little bit on the ways we saved money – even if they’re just little ways.

I’m really hopeful that August will be a more mellow month. No dentist, no car repairs (though we are thinking about selling the Jetta and getting a newer, more common car), no major home breakdowns. Fingers crossed. 

I love this bloggers list of 'ways we saved money in July'! I have to remember some of these ideas!

Five Ways We Saved Money In July

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Ordered books from thriftbooks.com.I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found Thrift Books! Any books for Garrett’s school curriculum that I haven’t been able to find at the library, or borrow from my mother-in-law’s extensive personal library, I’ve been able to snag super cheap on Thrift Books. 


Ate lots and lots of beans. So Gabriel decided to try the Slow Carb Diet® and of course, I decided I might as well do it with him. I’m excited to say that this diet is really budget friendly because guess what? Your main source of carbs is legumes, which are incredibly cheap. Between cooking our own dry beans, and buying produce from the freezer isle, our meals would cost us literally pennies… if only we were vegetarians! 

Cashed in Swagbucks for Amazon Gift Cards. I’m continually amazed at how fast and how easily the Swagbucks pile up into free money. Last month, I cashed out two $25 amazon gift cards, which basically means that I’m getting free groceries from amazon this month. If you’re not familiar with Swagbucks, it’s a search engine that randomly rewards you with points (“Swagbucks”) as you search, or watch their video advertisements, or take surveys. You can also send your referral link (here’s mine) to your friends and earn a percentage of the Swagbucks they earn (at no penalty to them) when they sign up under you. Pretty sweet!

Stock up on Tuna during a sale. Okay, so this technically cost money, but since it’s normally hard to find tuna here for under eighty cents per can, I was beyond thrilled that our local Dollar Store ran a 2/$1 special last week, and stocked up. Tuna salad is coming right up!

Made homemade remineralizing tooth powder. My teeth have become a major money pit. I’d like to believe that tooth health is strictly diet-related, but I grew up eating the same things as my siblings, and yet, they have great teeth, and I had a head full of filling by the time I was a teenager. This year, I’ve had lots of fillings replaced, and had several teeth break due to the stress of having such a large filling to tooth ratio, so I’ve gotten really serious about trying to learn how to strengthen and remineralize them. I have high hopes that this homemade tooth powder will do that! AND the reason it’s on my “how we saved money” list is because I looked into buying tooth powder and remineralizing tooth paste and – EEEK! it’s expensive. 

So… tell me how you saved money recently – I could always use more ideas! 🙂 

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  1. That tooth powder is interesting. I’d like to know if it works for you. One of my sons has particularly bad teeth (and he eats the same diet as the rest of us, like you said!), so I wonder if he’d benefit from that.

    I spent a bunch of money in July to put a whole hog in the freezer, but in the long run it will save me money because the meat is much cheaper than store bought. I also did a better job of packing lunches and drinks to take along with us rather than stopping for fast food when we were out for the day. That definitely saved us a lot!

  2. Been saving money by not runnimg the air conditioner. Just use theceiling fans and open the windows at night as it cools down, then close up the house before the heat of the day.
    We packed a lunch to go to the fair rather than buy the junk food there. Kids got a one-price ride ticket and were happy.
    Canned some pickles and made some homemade salsa, some ingredients from garden rest were at farmer’s market (much cheaper than grocery store, and fresher) tastes great and cost was $35 for five gallons. Less than $2 a quart. Making jellies as well, we use them and the jars make welcome Christmas ifts. Eating fresh vegetables from garden definitely cheaper than grocery store.
    Gave the boys their monthly haircut outside. Easier cleanup just use the leaf blower to clean off the patio. Boys ran through sprinkler to rinse off any loose hairs. Bought a good set of Wahl clippers a couple years ago and I save over $500 a year over taking them to the barber.
    Took a seat on the stool outside on the patio and my guy gave me my bi-monthly trim. He pours me a glass of wine, capes me and does a very detailed trim. He is very meticulous is trimming my locks, never a bad haircut. I figure it saves me well over $400 a year, plus the hassle of doing the salon routine.

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