5 Things We Loved In February


Every month, just for fun, I’ll be sharing a list of some of the things we’ve been loving recently. It could be books, or food, or appliances, or toys, or even clothing. :)

I’m not one of those people who is always on a “high” about life. Not bubbly. I probably don’t even appear happy on the outside (I’ve been told that I’m kind of scary looking – darn facial muscles!). It’s not that I’m unhappy – I’m not! I guess I’m just not in the habit of constantly counting my blessings.

With my Amish upbringing, you’d think that I’d still be thrilled just to be able to flip a light switch. Oh how easily we forget and begin to take things for granted!

But it’s not just the modern conveniences I love, or need to be thankful for – it’s all the blessings of life. Too many to count really. From the fact that we have a car that runs well, to having two healthy (as far as we know) kids, to having books to read, and socks to wear.

So I’m trying to make better habits. Keep the little blessings of life in the forefront of my mind, and let them show on my face. This little monthly post is an outpouring of that.

And I am happy (I just want to reiterate that in case there was any doubt 🙂 ). I love my life as a wife, mom, and blogger (it may sound weird, but learning to own the fact that I am a blogger instead of shy away from admitting to my “secret online life” has been a process!).

I get to spend my day making delicious food with the kids (most of which is totally contaminated by slobbery fingers), brainstorm ideas for frugal living and DIY-type posts (which is lots of fun! … but definitely not as easy as cooking. 😉 ), and then, when the kids are asleep, get online and talk to ya’ll. I’m not very good at relationships/interaction, but even so, one of my favorite things has become reading Facebook comments, and answering whatever questions I can.

So anyway, enough rambling about my life. Here’s what you’re really here for:

Five Things We Loved In February

This bloggers list of 'things we loved in February' is such a cute way to learn more about her family life!


  1. Apple peeler. I’ve never been a big fan of apple peelers, because they don’t always get all the skin. But as I mentioned last weeks that we’ve been drying a lot of apples for snacks lately, and I’ve learned that it can be a huge time saver as long as your apples are large enough, firm enough, and not too lopsided.
  2. Electric Space Heater. We had a big cold snap a few weeks ago, complete with snow and ice. This big, old house is really drafty, and only has gas heaters in a few of the rooms, which makes me really, really thankful for the modern invention of little electric space heaters – especially when bath time rolls around!
  3. Inversion Table. My husband injured his back pretty badly as a young man, and since then, he’s been collecting physical therapy knowledge, and equipment. One of the things I’m most thankful for in his collection is the inversion table. When I’ve done something silly, like hunch over my computer for too long, it really helps to hang on that thing (we call it the “bat table) and straighten my back out!
    snowy daffodil
  4. Snow! Gabriel and I have a love-hate relationship with snow, but it was sure fun to have our first snowball fight with the kids! Haddassah kept trying to make snowballs with the snow on the compost pile, and got really filthy though. 🙂
    asics running shoes
  5. My new shoes! If you read last week’s post on saving money, then you probably saw this one coming. Wearing rainbows on my feet makes me happy! 😉 Plus, since I’m mostly running on pavement now, I’m hoping that the gel soles will make it easier on my feet and joints.

Life is fun when you’re looking for, and thinking about the things in life that you love and enjoy.

What do are you loving right now?

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