10 Things I Never Thought I’d Say Before I Had Kids (Weekend Wrap-up)


I know articles like this have been done over and over in internet land, but almost every day I am just astounded by some of the things I really never thought I’d say – ever – before I had kids.

This blogger's list of "Things I Never Thought I'd Say Before I Had Kids"! Hilarious and disgusting!

It can be both the most amusing, and the most frustrating thing in the world, and sometimes it’s hard to know whether to laugh or to scream.

  1. We don’t shut our sister in the trash can. (followed by “we don’t ever play inside the trash can”) Yes, they really did think the big trash can outside was the most fun ever – until I stopped them. I’m honestly tempted to get a new one for them to play in.
  2. Don’t eat dog food.
  3. We don’t wear underwear on our head.
  4. No, snot it NOT glue. (seriously)
  5. Don’t sit on your sister’s face. She’ll suffocate.
  6. Stop putting the pencil in your nose.
  7. Feeding your dinner to the dog will not get you dessert
  8. No, people don’t lay eggs.
  9. Are you seriously wiping snot on my arm?!
  10. Who hid their apple core under the couch?

Yup. Kids are funny. And gross. 😉

Things I loved this week

The weather of course! The mornings have been chilly enough to make it hard to get out of bed, but the afternoons are gorgeous!


And also, Thieves household cleaner. I didn’t realize how powerful it was until I tried to clean my white cabinets without it earlier this week!

Books the kids are loving

Hedgehog bakes a cake. I love the heart of this story. When all of moles friends come over and try to help him make a cake, things don’t go very well, and after they all leave, he ends up starting a new batch, and cleaning the kitchen by himself. But instead of making his friends feel bad about it, he serves them all a piece of cake and let’s them beam with pride at the great job they’d done. It’s a great character story!

Most popular blog post


Pumpkin Spice no-bake cookies

Because it’s pumpkin spice season!

Favorite meals and recipes

We made some humdinger recipes this week, and I feel like I’ve gained five pounds from it. My favorite by for though was the Paleo Pumpkin spice waffles with


butter pecan syrup. Oh my goodness, talk about a party in your mouth!

Second Favorite: Easy Chicken with cream sauce. I didn’t have spinach, so we used broccoli, and served it over gluten-free pasta. Yum!


Happy weekend!

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  1. I’m so very glad I didn’t take a sip of coffee as I started reading this. I hate it when it shoots out of my nose. It’s hilarious! This reminded me of when our kids were little. That’s when I began to realize why my mother so often acted the way she did.

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